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Review: Spram's Swan Song: Radical Rad
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 25/11/2003

It's a shame that Spram's decided to leave. Again. S/he (sorry, I've really never been sure) is certainly one of the most consistently good game creators on the site. This latest offering, however, is rather strange to say the least.

The Readme is written in a strange parody of Internet-speak and it's difficult to tell if it's being serious or not. The bit about "Don't press a button to start the game" is certainly true - you have to wait instead.

Also, the menu items have been converted in to Leetspeak. I have no clue why. Still... the first stage involves controlling a mulleted face on a notepad, and shooting down wing logos and Fishheads, then fighting a large pixellated boss monster while music that sounds like it's come from a Japanese anime plays in the background.

In the next level, George Bush, or at least an impressive lookalike, has to catch kittens while being scored seemingly at random. At this stage my sanity was beginning to drain.

Level Three and it's back to the mullet, guiding it through a maze. You then have to choose the white person while the title music from The A-Team plays in the background.

"Guess the game music". I knew I would be good at this, and got the answer first time. Go me. After that a Gameboy pops up and you play an impromptu game of Breakout Invaders, which put a couple of extra points on to the score of this game. Only joking. I think.

I was by this stage beginning to appreciate the point of the game - it's just meant to be a laugh while going through as many strange challenges as possible... I was reminded of Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time. Pressing on, a pot of glue had to be guided through a few platform levels.

Hmm, I won't spoil the rest of you, but it gets even stranger. It's certainly a totally unique game, and I have no idea how to score it.

You know what, Spram? You're really weird.

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