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Spram's Swan Song: Radical Rad
Author: Spram Submitted: 23rd November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Sport Downloads: 135

Edited By Spram on 11/4/2004

I said that after I made Furballs (hated by the elite), I would not have time to make another game.. BUT I LIED!

I had.. very little time.

Fortunately, time has been good to me and let me make the best single klik or non-klik game ever. PERIOD. You will never ever EVAR play a game that is better than this. "What is a game but a neato sack of button pressings?" This deep phylosophical mysterious statement has been questioned by only me and me only. Thou should play this game and your world will be roxxored.

As a bonus you recieve CHICKEN EATER, the fun fast-paced arcade game made by me in record time. Not as good as Radical Rad, but then.. NOTHING IS!

This game contains words and images that may not be suitable for kids 14 or under. Not that the rest of the internet is 10234203 times worse, but a warning.

So with this, I say good bye.

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Posted by The Chris Street 25th November, 2003 all this about the Furballs game which I reviewed at Klik-Me?
Posted by The Chris Street 25th November, 2003

Eek. Finished it. For those who are wary of this before downloading...BE WARY! This is...I guess, a little bit like Wario Ware.
Posted by Andy G 25th November, 2003

this is the best game ever.
Posted by ruffles 25th November, 2003

Circy: it seems so :P let me check this thing
Posted by Teapot 26th November, 2003

dont leave us spram!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Teapot 26th November, 2003

this game is pure genious!!!!!!!!
Posted by matrixkitty 26th November, 2003

its a shame this game is barely getting attention... its not as good as spram's other games(furballs rocks!) but its still good 7/10... goodbye.....umm...spram?
Posted by Spram 26th November, 2003

I didn't decide to leave, I just have too much work. I'm not a kid anymore, to you young-un's I recommend not to waste your time, because later, you wont have any.
Posted by -_darkman_- 28th November, 2003

Heres me thinking I was one of the older klikkers here. I look at your profile and your six years older than me...damn. Anyway good luck with life.
Posted by Noyb 4th November, 2004

Posted by Meteorite Capacity 27th June, 2005

Both of the games are hilarious! I half expected you to pack viruses in the folder after I saw the way you mutilated the menu. Of course, the games where you have to shoot babes left me covered in sweat since I was playing it around other people. And btw, who's the kid? And why are you shooting Fallen Angel's logo?
Posted by Spram 1st November, 2021

Hey what's going on here? I'm from the future!





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