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Review: Satan Sam
Author: Harvy
Added: 13/12/2003

As you will see, I had mixed feelings about this game. It has some nice features, but I think it could have been done better.

Presentation. An option screen that doesn't exist, a save game feature that doesn't work, and an introduction animation that doesn't make much sense leave this game a little behind in this area.

Gameplay. I like all of the cool powers and weapons. However, the engine has many bugs. The game was "difficult" only in the sense that I had to figure out how to get around a lot of bugs as well as random features like dying when your head barely touches the top of the screen. Jumping and falling happens too fast, making it extremely difficult to do anything very precisely. I think that levels could have been much more complex (something more than "jump over the pit and shoot a few enemies") if the game had an easier to control character and a less buggy engine. Furthermore, some of the powers were rendered essentially useless by these two things, like the stomp. It doesn't appear to hurt enemies, and why would you want to stomp when you already fall ridiculously fast? The parachute could have made for some really cool platform puzzles, too, I think.
The powers and weapons were probably the best part of the gameplay, but they were partially wasted by the rest of it.

Graphics. Aside from the low resolution, I liked the graphical style for the most part. The endless red got on my nerves after a while. The particle effects were cool; most klikkers don't put much detail into that area.

Sound and Music. About average for klik games. The music is repetitious. There isn't any sound or music on the opening screen.

Lastability. I got stuck in the place mentioned on the download page. Then the game crashed (actually it exited for no apparent reason without an error message) a little ways after the Saiyan power. I made it back to the same spot and the same thing happened. After I had to start over three times due to bugs in the game, I gave up on playing it.

Overall. The average score is 6.2, but I give this a 7 for a couple of reasons: 1) It's better than a lot of klik games out there; 2) It could have been so much better if it weren't so buggy and needlessly difficult to control Sam.

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