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Review: Satan Sam
Author: Evil Monkey
Added: 01/03/2004

One day I was surfing TDC when I found a user by the name of Jay White. Following a link through the Other Creation sidebar, I found this. Well, when I first looked at the screenshots of the game, I thought, “Wow, this looks really cool!” So I decided to check it out.

The intro could have used some work, mainly because it had no music, and it was pretty much text based. However, when I reached the title screen, I heard module music that fit in just about perfectly with the atmosphere of the game. I really felt like I was in the underworld. Okay, enough with that. When I started the game, I was taken to a screen where the Satan Sam text floated up off the screen and I saw lots of ships flying across the screen. I waited patiently for about a minute, but nothing else happened, so I just skipped the screen.

When I started on the first level, I saw that the character was sort of “Floating” above the landscape. I then quickly realized that it used the built-in platform movement. This had really disappointed me, because I knew from the screenshots that it would be a good game. I also noticed that whenever one pixel of the character touched any backdrop, it made an annoying knocking sound. The game just didn’t feel right anymore. The character moved and fell too fast, which can get out of hand at times. In fact, whenever you go off ANY side of the screen, you die, which is a bit annoying.

When I got to level 2, I didn’t know that I could bomb the enemies below me, and after I realized that losing all my lives did not end the game, I became suicidal. I would jump off the ledge, try to shoot the enemy. Die. Jump off the ledge again, try to shoot the enemy. Die. And I would have to repeat it over and over again to shoot a single enemy. On one of the early levels, there was an annoying bug where if you died, you would start barely off the edge of the platform, making you die three times in one second when you respawned. I would then have to use the game’s bugs to my advantage by somehow going across the bottom of the starting platform, and at the other side of it, jump back up onto it.

After a while, I got used to the strange concept. Whenever I got up to a level and saved, it wouldn’t save my data (??). However, I had to make-do. I got up to one level where there was a thunderstorm. I was about half-way through the level, when suddenly, I got struck by the lightning, and BAM! Back to Windows I go! No show of a Game Over message, or anything. Maybe it performed an error and quit because of that. Either way, I couldn’t explore the rest of the game. It was really a shame to see all of these bugs ruin the game because it looked so good to start with. Sorry Jay White, but this game just doesn’t do the trick. Better luck next time.

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