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Review: Caveworm
Author: Teapot
Added: 17/12/2003

After briefly glancing at the description, one can easily assume this is a snake game. So after installation i jumped straight into the game, without reading the readme.

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig mistake.

My snake, or should I say worm, took a sharp turn downwards and began to plummet towards the bottom of the screen. I hammered furiously at the arrow keys but to no avail. I suddenly realised that this may not be anything like snake.

Then I read the readme.

I must say it is a very well thought-out readme, much easier to read than some of the stuff you get in games these days. Oh yeah there is also a storyline. I began the game again with a new understanding of the controls. I only needed a single finger to navigate through the treacherous caves below. It was so simple, ascend by clicking the left mouse button, descend by err........ not clicking the left mouse button.

The level design i found admittedly strange, the first level was quite harsh and the second level was the easiest in the game. then the third is quite hard and so on. I didn't make it to the boss but sources tell me that it is unbeatable. That said, it is impossible to stop playing this game.Infact, thanks to my octopus dexterity, I am playing the game as I type. The graphical style is quite unbalance but eye-pleasing and the presentation passes the test without honours.

Overall, this game gets an eight out of ten as, while it is not aethetically perfect, it is very enjoyable to play. I highly recommend you download this game.

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