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Review: Taxi Dash
Author: Jon Chambers
Added: 06/01/2004

Sorry, I didn't like it. I can see a lot of effort was put into this, but it's just not a good game. Check my profile, you'll see an article called, "the formulae for addiction". That's exactly what this game needs.

Okay, arcade mode wasn't too bad. Though I found it a little frustrating that I was competing against previous times, while the amount of distance I had to travel was completely random. I know that over 3 minutes, centeral limits theorm starts kicking in, but it was still far too random for me.

What really annoyed me, was there was nothing in the way of where I wanted to go. A good taxi game gets you lost, and then you're dodging traffic, and then you're taking a short cut. Though everything here was predictable. Just so long as I kept an eye out for the occational car, I would be fine. (Which is another random element that annoys me.)

Now that career mode kinda bugged me. I soon realized that I was playing a "small business management" game. I'll admit that sometimes I feel like small business management, and sometimes I feel like driving, but I never feel like both. It's like a game which combines shooting stuff with creating decorative art work. You can't get a good driving feel after working out the numbers, and I can't get a good numbers feel after driving.

I hate to put down a game that has clearly so much time envolved, but it surved me no purpose. I got no rush from that game. I got no excitement. I got no feel of reward. I got nothing. I think the movement is really buggy, and there should be some kind of tutorial level, or help screen. I don't want to look for a help file, it should look for me. I've been spoilt with games that have tutorial introductions.

I want you guys to make a more annoying streetmap, I want more cars, and a better collision. If a fast car hits a slow car, they don't both stop dead. I want the arrow to be ontop of the car its self, so I don't have to keep looking in the corner. I want the career mode more at risk. I want to lose the first career in the first minute, and then learn better for my next career. I want you to have a goal in career mode, that is almost impossible to get, because it's so easy to send the business down the toilet. Career mode is no fun if I can survive on no expenses.

I want user friendly controlls. I want passangers that give you less money for crap driving as well as slow driving. Use your imagination, make this a fun game.

I know there is a lot of effort put into this game, don't let it go to waste.

Sorry I gave such a low overall score. I think that "Overall" and "Lastability" should be very closely related.

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