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Review: Taxi Dash
Author: Dr. James MD
Added: 07/01/2004

Taxi Dash reminds me of Crazy Taxi a lot, but thats no suprise. its quite a well made game i found. Take note im reviewing version 1 of this game.

I must admit i played this game for about an hour, maybe more. Thats a long time for me when playing a click game, the reason i was hooked; the upgrades. i really think that adds vast amounts too replayability is knowing your car can be better!

The graphics ive split into 2 sections; the car and the backgrounds. whilst the car looks beautiful the backgrounds look simple, well the buildings at least. Its a real pity i had to play with the effects and people turned off, as i said im not using version 1.1.

The music! ah the music! own brand i take it? now, the music itself, whilst nothing incredibley complex is still very catchy. i found myself humming the music later on in the day.

And the little bits count too, like the management section. The other drivers, the races, the different game modes. it all adds up, especially in replay and gameplay. HA i even laughed when i saw some of the other drivers and companies

However i have some negative comments. The biggest for me was the actual city itself, i found it to be too repetative. Also i thought it might have been cool to have underground carparks and when under them they fade out a little? I also didnt like having to turn the pedestrians off... but that might be different in version 1.1. maybe when you buy the CD player it enabled the CD-Rom to play music if a disc was in? actually id say these are more suggestions than anything else.

keep up the good work!

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