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Review: Shikun
Author: BlueTajiri
Added: 07/01/2004

Hee hee. This is a cool game, I'm really glad you finished this off.

I love your graphics, especailly the characters, they're really round and bouncy... organic, maybe that's the word...

The name is a stroke of pure genius, and I love the concept ;p. The menus look clean and shiny and well laid out and the colours all work well together.

The music is great, it fits the levels very nicely.

The obstacles are great and add more challenge to the game, particularly on the snow levels.

The secret game is just genius, lots of fun, (and no doubt people will want to that by the time they've finished the game)

There are some great touches, the stats add new depth to the game and the power ups are great idea. OK, so the slow-down is VERY annoying, but every good game has to have an annoying bit. The way the stats work is great, and some of them are really original, like anger, I've never seen an anger stat in a game before, and the three difficulty levels add a lot of replay value,

There is a lot of choice in characters and some of them are kinda funny. Ron, for instance, that made me laugh >_<.

The levels are well designed and the layout is great, I love the water caves, PARTICLES! WHEEEE! And the dream world is cool, um, how'd the chickens get all the way up there...?

I can only think of one problem really, there are a lot of levels, but there aren't enough.

I definitly want to see a sequel to this. With more levels and maybe with a story mode, more characters, and the ability to jump, *shrug*

All in all, the best click game I've played... ever, and definitly the most addictive.

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