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Review: Furry
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 23/01/2004

Hooray, my new monitor works. Now I can actually play games that take up the whole screen.

The name of this game rather intrigued me, especially as there doesn't really seem to be anything very furry in the game - you control a purple ball with legs, arms and a gun. However, the meaning soon became apparent when I saw the music files, which are taken from the old game "Fury of the Furries". I was beginning to think that I was the only one who had ever heard of it.

Anyway, this is a platformer in a similar vein to some of the old Apogee games, more specifically Duke Nukem (well, it would be if he was a magenta blob and not the Bruce Campbell-alike that he seems to have evolved in to over time). Gameplay is simple: Collect crystals, progress through the levels, try not to die.

But, simple as the game's nature is, it certainly does it well. The only slight problem with the custom platform movement is that jumping feels a little strange at first, but soon I stopped noticing that. It's pretty much flawless apart from that. Swimming is also included in the engine, which is done well too (although you perhaps shouldn't be able to jump so high out of water).

Your enemies are black balls, also armed with guns, who will shoot you on sight. Dealing with the enemies is perhaps the weakest part of the game, because it's always an exercise in jumping over or under their bullets and alternately firing, so as not to get hurt. You're only provided with three health points a life and not much chance to replenish them either, so this can be frustrating.

Nevertheless, the game always manages to keep things fresh by adding new elements at least every level, and having multiple worlds so that the environment changes every so often. It means that there's always an incentive to progress, to see what comes next, and that's what keeps the player playing.

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