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Author: Hamish M Submitted: 22nd January, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 283

You are a purple ball named Furry. You are sent out to destroy the evil black ball army, and kill their leader. But it won't be easy they got numbers, weaponry, and home field advantages, so use your brain and awesome assortment of weapons. Battle from forests, to caves, to snow top peaks, to a final lunar base in Furry! Features:

- 4 worlds and 15 tough levels

- Use your brain to survive the challenging enemies

- 3 weapons and other powerups

- Autosave to keep you on track, and checkpoints help you win!

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Posted by yuyu 23rd January, 2004

This games brilliant. Way too much like Milber though. The Origionality department needs work.
Posted by ben_02 23rd January, 2004

Actually this was released long ago, milber 2 uses the Furry engine.
Posted by Rhys D 23rd January, 2004

Posted by Hayo 23rd January, 2004

wow i played this one a year ago or so, its pretty good :)
Posted by Harvy 23rd January, 2004

I have nothing against this game, except that it's really not new, as ben_02 says--he didn't "just release it" as is implied in the news. I'm really kind of tired of everyone posting their old games from ages past and then seeing news etc. on the front page and slots for "new games" taken up by stuff that's years old...
Posted by Zane 23rd January, 2004

this is the first good game ive downloaded since before christmas. the graphics have a nice master system feel. the engien itself seems exactly the same to milber 2.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 23rd January, 2004

I've alway's liked this game! It should have been on a Click Site along time ago!
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 23rd January, 2004

Very nice! Reviewed.
Posted by danjo 23rd January, 2004

wow a new game XD and it looks like milber as well,, XD
Posted by Dr. James MD 23rd January, 2004

is it a slow or fast game?
Posted by Rhys D 23rd January, 2004

it looks nothing like my game.
Posted by Strife 23rd January, 2004

If this is better than Milber 2, then it'll shoot up to the Top 5 list. But i'll just have to download it and see if it's worthy. ;)
Posted by Keatonian 24th January, 2004

This is, in MY opinion better than Milber. YES, Milber came second and used the Furry Engine for its movement. READ!
Posted by Rik 24th January, 2004

HAY guess what guys milber 2 used teh furry enfine!!111112 bets you didnt know that
Posted by Gaspy Conana 24th January, 2004

You dudes are idiots, really. Anyway, get commando now, it's a lot better than both.
Posted by Rik 24th January, 2004

I'm currently downloading Commando actually
Posted by J.J 24th January, 2004

I've tried two times to day and the dl dont work.
Posted by Dr. James MD 24th January, 2004

meh might as well see if it downloads :)
Posted by Dr. James MD 24th January, 2004

GAH its slow... and i hate that download site you use. its slow and full of adverts. i dont like it, i much prefare fast paced platformers :) then again i didnt like Commando either. funny how i got banned from FA forums for saying that i didnt like the game good music tho.
Posted by Hamish M 24th January, 2004

if you just said this game sucks or i dont like it I dont blame someone for deleting it, it doesnt contribute to the discussion at all
Posted by >NzR< 25th January, 2004

It's really nice, but still a bit boring..
Posted by Dr. James MD 25th January, 2004

lol thats quite funny Hamish because on your site i clearly wrote a constructive critisism message about why i did not like it. why on earth would something with reason get removed? not once did i say "it sucks" in such a clear and frank context. I just said how the sound distorts horribly for me, and that the game was slow and the graphics lackluster.
Posted by Tom 25th January, 2004

I also hate the download site. Oh and deleting comments because they didn't compliment the game is kinda sad.
Posted by Tom 25th January, 2004

On a lighter note, the game is quite good. A little too slow paced and simple for me though...
Posted by Spram 25th January, 2004

Yeah, this is an old game. I cant believe some people missed that (or maybe they're pretending). Anyway, I like it. Better than Milber and Commando.
Posted by Hamish M 25th January, 2004

Beau deleted it, not me. I didn't see the comment. But yes there is nothing wrong with constructive critisim
Posted by Dr. James MD 25th January, 2004

ok i love you now Hamish, but now i hate Beau :)
Posted by - Yelnek - 31st January, 2004

I can't download from that crappy site dude...
Posted by Ben Grimm 18th February, 2004

Simplistic. Very retro feel. Platform/side-scrollers are all but dead and thankfully so. Good game for what it is. Play this if you need a break from the modern day glut of FPS.
Posted by Tom Alder 29th May, 2004

this hammish is a thief. he stole this engine.
Posted by Teapot 21st August, 2004

This is far superior to the boring Milber 2.
Posted by MekahDexa 26th August, 2004

It lacks action and you have to start all over again if you lose all your lives ( and you have three small symbols to represent health! ) I mean, it could have been made much better!
Posted by Liquixcat 16th September, 2004

for the love of all that is 'whatever' MAKE FURRY 2!! also, releasing the engine would be nice..unless you did that already...
Posted by CubiX 7th September, 2008

It`s nice, but furry.exe is virused.
Posted by AndyUK 23rd April, 2009
Rated :

I just finished it for the first time. It's still a fantastic game.






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