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Review: Aces' Curse Demo
Author: Retired Kliker Lazarus
Added: 09/02/2004

ACE'S CURSE is one stunning game that looks very prefessional! Just looking at it makes me feel like I'm looking at an old SNES game.
PRESENTATION: The presentation is abousluty stunning! The title screen features a wonderfully done menu. The logo is very cool: I like the yoyo that comes off of it!

THE GRAPHICS: Again, this features very origanal, not to metion great, graphics. The backround really just adds to the old-style feel. You are in a sort of cave or mine; candles are attached to the backdrops, there are rocks littered across the screen, and there are doors on the walls. The main character is not exactly an origanal idea: its a ball with legs. But the style its made in is origanal! The boss is drawn very well.
All the animations are very smooth.

GAMEPLAY: The engine, for the most part, is good. You can walk, run and you can do a bunch of cool tricks, like when you run, jump, and press control you can twirl your yoyo around you. Problems with the engine: When you get just a little to close to the edge, you fall down and you have to start over.
The boss is a tank guy. He jumps down on you and shoots bullets; its nothing special, but its a challenge none the less, (at least for me it is).
Sound and Music: The music sounds like it was taken from Kirby, or some old game. The music is really cool; it just completes the feel for the game.

LASTABILTY/OVERALL: I can't say it has a long lastabilty, (its only a demo ) but I had a great time with it. I can't wait to see this game finished. Don't abandon this game!

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