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Aces' Curse Demo
Author: CYS Submitted: 5th February, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 160

Edited By CYS on 2/6/2004

Edited By CYS on 2/5/2004

A platformer that features Sleaf who uses a yoyo to attack. Yoyo techiques such as normal throw, dash throw and 360 degrees throw and different yoyos such as the pure, nature, dark, magical and spiritual yoyo are to your fighting pleasure. Brave through tons of enemies ranging from machines, undead to demons in this adventure.

Play as Sleaf, the prince of Zerandon, the son of King Anders, as he fights his way through many obstacles to slay the evil King Zendon.

A joint project with CYS doing the sprites, codings and game concept and Skanda doing the GFX, Music and level design.

Features a inventory that let you uses item, view the info of enemies you've killed and help you on your way.

Cysteine Creations

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Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 5th February, 2004

This is by far the best looking platformer I've played for a while. Can't wait for the full game.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 5th February, 2004

Oooh. This looks great! Downloading...
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 5th February, 2004

Are you really 13 years old?! Because this looks like it was made by a Commerical game! :)
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 5th February, 2004

As for the game itself...It rocks! I love all the attacks and such! :D
Posted by steve 5th February, 2004

i really loved this apart from two problems 1. the jumping system seems inconsistant at times, sometimes it doesnt let me jump when it should (forcing me to fall down a pit - which leads me to problem no.2) 2. Game over instantly from falling down a hole? only 1 life? :\ great particle explosions and i LOVED the sound effects though. Great work!
Posted by :JULI@N: 5th February, 2004

this game rocks. and i don't make comments so often, so it must really rock i really want to see this game completed
Posted by Grazzum - Scorpion E 5th February, 2004

Man this is awesome, Great Explosion particles again, The Jumpin there's little problem. But mahN!
Posted by steve 5th February, 2004

one more thing i wanted to say; maybe it would be a good idea for the turret/tank things to "paste into background as an obstacle" (so you can stand on them/not walk through them. THEN when they are dying - "paste into background as NON obstacle" Also the first boss was a bit weird... i was dying for no reason it seemed
Posted by Cazra 5th February, 2004

great game. Group projects are usually really good. I was dissappointed that this was only a demo though.
Posted by Muggus 5th February, 2004

WOAH! Looks nice!
Posted by Mingy Jongo 5th February, 2004

It is awesome, what's even more awesome is that is looks like you got the idea and sounds from Kirby's Super Star on the SNES. There is a yo yo power in that game and looks the same.
Posted by MichaelParent 5th February, 2004

Im very impressed with the quality and cleanness of game-design. I look forward to the finished game. be careful with using lots of transparent objects...Has anyone else made it to the second tank and destroyed it? My 2 ghz system came to a near halt when it blew up. One thing I did in Storming Thunder was make sure it didnt create any additional flame-trails or other bits of eye-candy if more than a certain amount already existed. great job
Posted by CYS 6th February, 2004

Ah...i'll look into those bugs. And thank you, thank you for these comments! I feel really awesome when reading them. And remember, esc to open inventory and double tap arrows to run. Read the readme file for more info!
Posted by steve 6th February, 2004

to fix the jumping bug; instead of "upon pressing up" change to "repeat while up is pressed" there might also be a condition for "only jump when standing is playing" which could be causing problems too, possibly change that to "character is overlapping backdrop" instead? Anyway, I was playing it again today (now i know how to use inventory!) has very good gameplay, similar to castlevania. I hope you take my advice about pasting the tanks/turrets into background as obstacle as I mentioned before, also there is no reason for the player to not just run past all the enemies. You could make a score or experience system to give incentive to kill the bad guys.
Posted by CYS 6th February, 2004

thanks for the tips steve, regarding the enemies, it's not really possible to run through if you are at the next stage. You can do it in this 'cos it's the first stage and so, must be easy.
Posted by Jason Orme 6th February, 2004

I remember playing the tests.. was great fun. *downloads*
Posted by Jason Orme 6th February, 2004

Great background art. Animation is nice and smooth. Exploding effects Rock! overall its fun, only thing i didnt like, is the dodgy jumping system
Posted by Brady 6th February, 2004

The yoyo makes for great kinetic gameplay!
Posted by Cazra 6th February, 2004

There was a Yoyo person you could use in Kirby Superstar. This game has been reviewed. ;)
Posted by Astral_86 6th February, 2004

This is a really good game! :D But it's kinda hard jumping from the platform edges. :( It's not that biga' problem thou. Looking thru to this game! Good luck making it! :)
Posted by DarrenMcLeod 6th February, 2004

Looks great. The only bad thing is the very stereotypical character, but still, very nice work.
Posted by pixelscope 7th February, 2004

very good game in many ways, just slightly too buggy for my taste
Posted by Stian B. 7th February, 2004

The jumping needs to be fixed. Nice game :)
Posted by Shadow99 8th February, 2004

The jumping is horrible, and since the bad jumping accounts for 100% of the "game overs" in this game, I dont think Ill ever play it again. Nice look, but no common sense.
Posted by CYS 9th February, 2004

It's fixed and i've made the enemies hit you when collided too. :D You'll find it fixed in the final game.
Posted by Vampire Reaper 9th February, 2004

awesome platform game !!!!!!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 9th February, 2004

Reviewed! :D
Posted by CYS 11th February, 2004

Thanks alot for the reviews! Anyway, the music is original, made by skanda. Not taken from kirby and all... :P
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 11th February, 2004

I never said the music was taken from Kirby! I thought the sounds were. ;)
Posted by CYS 12th February, 2004

ah ok...:P
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 13th February, 2004

This is a damn good game. Just one nag, when you walk a pixel too far, and the whole program has to start again. It's extremely annoying. But other than that, it's very good.






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