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Review: Mario Forever
Author: Nickstudios
Added: 08/03/2004

------------If there ever was a perfect Mario game that wasn't made by NIntendo this would be it----------.

The Presentation is good first of all the title screen looks nicely done second of all the map screen looks good and it's detailed you can tell it's a map from the wrinkles in the background and everything nice work 10-10.

The gameplay is so close to the original style of Mario games but the reason I gave it a 9-10 is because the jumping feels a bit odd either it's the game or I just haven't played an old mario in a while, anyways that was a good feature in the game too 9-10

These Graphics look better than the original old Mario games, you can tell they're not ripped just by noticing the way the colors were drawn on them
if that wasn't the only thing different about it I would've sworn this was just an old Mario game with a different title and map select screen.

-Sound and Music-
The music and sounds from the old games I thought the music was MP3s but I guess not they sound directly ripped from the games, Nice music it fits the levels just like they did in the old ones.

I've never been known to play a Mario game twice not even Luigi's mansion and that was shorter than short,but some people like playing games twice maybe you have a different opinion.

Yea i said it OVERALL
I don't know who this guy is and where he came from but he can make some good games I'll tell you that and I thought Smeby's Mario clone was the best clone of all yet but I was wrong this game is just like the old Marios and any person that can remake a game almost perfect like that recieves *drumroll* 10-10
Good work.

Sound and Music:

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