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Review: Mario Forever
Author: X-Member15849
Added: 09/03/2004

Whoa! Holy Crap, when I first saw this game and I couldnt download it + it was 15 megs, I just assumed it sucked ass and it was another average fan game. But I was terribly wrong.

As soon as you start it up, you know youve got something good because of the sound effects. Besides that the presentation is amazing, from the mario fonts to the menus, the maps, and the save system.

The graphics are taken right out of mario but they have been signifigantly glossed up which is just what a fan game needs. For example the best level, the castle has a red back ground with lava water falls and pools. This gives some much needed atomosphere to the game.

The sounds are dead on accurate. Every noise from the original game is there. Only louder and more clear to your ears. As for music, there are some songs from the original and lots more added from other mario games like Mario World and Yoshis Island.

For gameplay, you get hat you expect: Mario, every level is nearly exact to the original. Every jump, coin, enemie etc. is dead on. The things that are changed however only improve the game. For example in the first castle there arent any fire chains, instead there are laser balls swinging around grey blocks. That might not seem like a change but it makes the level much easier and less fustrating. And Bowser has changed. instead of dropping the bridge, you must fight him by bouncing on his head untill he dies. Its harder but it makes it seem like a real fight.

Im only on the second world, but if there are only eight worlds in the entire game then this should be quite a long game. And it gets harder with every level. This one you'll be playing for a while.

Over all this is the best fan game ever made. 10/10.

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