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Review: Timothy Lande
Author: - Yelnek -
Added: 11/03/2004

First off I would like to point out that even though this was NOT made with any Kilk product, that it still is an awesome game is is well worth the download

First things first...

The graphics are awesome in this game and they have a quality all there own... The author has a style in the graphics that looks unquiish. Keep it up man
Also I would like to point out that the animations of the main character walking was nice and smooth I like that alot.

Next onto the Engine...

I can't really comment hear cause I'm not too sure if the author made the engine himself (I dought it cause it was made with the adventure game maker)

I would like to say thou that the it was a homourous story with many interesting even surprizing when the dude blew up

I also enjoyed the game queit abit cause there was music through out the whole game whith sound effects and all. Even thou the music was taken from web sites, other games and stuff, It fit with each area nicely. I can tell that the author of the game chose wisely when it came to this part. Nice job!

Ummmmm..lets see...did I comment on how refreshing the animations and graphics are? Oh I did..I must say again...very nice And I heard they were done with a mouse as well... looks more like Graphics tablet too me

Now onto Lastability...

Its too damn bad this game didn't last long enought for me It lasted a nice while and didn't seem too dragged on but I would like to see a sequel that lasts hours or days But its a good thing thou cause ya left least me... wanting more

Also onto the puzzlely goodness...

Nice puzzles that can puzzle even the best of puzzlerz cause some were harder and others easyer...get it? Nice job...

I put gameplay at 5 cause I didn't want to judge an engine that is made with the Adventure Game maker... Don't mind this thou cause the engine is good... just not made by the author.

Well... I'm done job!
Download this for a gaming treat!
I can't wait to see some more games by this author!

Signing out... NANNO NANNO
~Kenley Browne

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