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Timothy Lande
Author: Alex Scobell Submitted: 8th March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 262

Edited By Alex Scobell on 11/6/2004

Edited By Alex Scobell on 3/31/2004

I've been working on this game for a couple of weeks. Its not the game I posted in the previews its a different short game staring the same guy. I'm still working on the Timothy Lande game I posted a preview of. Anyway.

You play as Timothy Lande in this short point and click adventure game. You must find away off the island that he has some how made it to.

>640 480 res animated cartoon graphics
>Classic adventure game play
>Interact with characters
>Enough puzzels to keep you playing for a short while.

Click where you want to move and move the mouse to the top of the screen for the interface and inventory. I made this in Adventure Game Studio.

Enjoy (if you like it that is )

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Posted by vortex2 8th March, 2004

pretty cool, although its really short . Some Things: Objects dont remember if you have already collected an object from them XP like the window, it gives the same object over and over again :P. Same with the dynamite. Still cool game and I really like adventure games :).
Posted by Alex Scobell 9th March, 2004

Thanks. You seem to be the only one who actually cares to download an adventure game. Looks like even in the freeware comunity everyones into action games just like retail games. Its no fair and they just cancelled Sam & Max 2. Now what do adventure gamers have?
Posted by Mkingy 10th March, 2004

Ummmmmm... The Night Before series ring any bells???? awesome point and click game. I may well download, wen i have time.
Posted by Alex Scobell 11th March, 2004

Thanks for the review Kenley :)
Posted by - Yelnek - 11th March, 2004

No problem man ;) It was a refreshing game worthy of every single star ya got.
Posted by Alex Scobell 16th March, 2004

A game with only 4 downloads has more comments then mine. Why doesn't anyone want to download? Becuase its not a mindless action game? Sorry
Posted by öl 17th March, 2004

this is good:D
Posted by Steve Harris 24th March, 2004

sweet work
Posted by eX Com 3rd April, 2004

love it.. im stuck tho lol
Posted by Cybermaze 3rd April, 2004

Really a good game ... and not too easy ...
Posted by Grazzum - Scorpion E 3rd April, 2004

Awesome, I love these games, Good work, not easy either
Posted by Alex Scobell 6th April, 2004

Thanks guys :)
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 17th April, 2004

Good game...Good game....I haven't seen a good point and click adventure for awhile!
Posted by Alex Scobell 25th April, 2004

Thanks man :)
Posted by The Chris Street 26th April, 2004

Well eh, I think Point and Click are becoming old hat... no-one really makes them anymore. Still I love the graphical style of this, you should rework it into a platform game.
Posted by kreature 28th April, 2004

I'd rather see some Click and Point-games where you actually have to think, instead of hardcore action games with socalled 'puzzles'. However, I do like both genres:P
Posted by Alex Scobell 30th April, 2004

I love graphic adventures and platformers. But I think there's enough platformers so why can't we give adventure games a chance? Its much more fun to play home made adventures apposed to platformers cause adventures let the authors be so much more original. Adventures becoming "old hat" as you say is wrong. Its just the people who can't think up good ideas
Posted by CYS 7th May, 2004

A really hilarious and fun game i personally love. Great Job!
Posted by Alex Scobell 7th May, 2004

Thanks. See CIrcy? its not just a world of platformers.
Posted by Noyb 12th August, 2004

Great adventure game!
Posted by Devernath 11th February, 2005

god this is so funny....scared of windows lol






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