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Review: Warbot 2
Author: Strife
Added: 11/03/2004

The next chapter in the Warbot series has arrived! Warbot 2 is an action platform game of fantastic proportions. It improves upon the original Warbot in almost every way, making it the best Elektroid/Warbot game to date.


Warbot 2 features a new, clearer story. Warbot must stop the alien threat and stop the evil robot Zero from taking over Earth. It also has a very nice, hand-drawn, animated World Map. All in all, Warbot 2 gives its players a very good first impression.


I said it was the best Elektroid/Warbot game ever, and i'm not kidding! This game is so much fun; it had me hooked until the very end.

Gameplay elements include: shooting every alien scum in sight with your machine gun, blasting open doors with your Atomic Ray, flying through space while dodging asteroids, high-speed jet skiing, hunting down robotic fish, dodging missles that fall out of the sky, etc... I could go on and on.

In a nutshell, there's a wide variety of different scenarios and mini-games in each world, not to mention some really nice boss battles.


Warbot 2's graphics are... how shall I say it... superb. The enemies look much better than in previous Mutantleg games, but then again, ripped graphics are also used for many of the levels. Still, they fit the scene good enough.


There's no original music in Warbot 2. All ripped. But hey, I hardly noticed. I was having so much fun blasting off Hoppers' heads that I hardly cared about the music.


Many Elektroid/Warbot fans will love this game, and play it to the very end. And trust me, I LOVED the ending. It was so hilarious! Of course, you'll have to beat the game and see for yourself.


I repeat: BEST MUTANTLEG GAME EVER! It's by no means commerical-quality, but it's an excellent game nontheless.

Thanks goes out to all the people who made Warbot 2 possible. I really enjoyed this game.

But what suprises me is that very few people have downloaded this awesome game. What's wrong with you people??!!! I encourage you to DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!! I know it's 6 megabytes, but every byte is worth it!

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