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Warbot 2
Author: Warbot II Team Submitted: 3rd March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 411

Here it is! finally,Warbot must travel through 6 alien filled worlds in search of his evil brother.
-6 bosses
-5 mini bosses
-6 worlds
-6 stages per world
-saving feature
-and a bunch of hopper heads flying across the screen

For screenshots go here:

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Posted by Nickstudios 3rd March, 2004

XD,The filesize it a bit large sorry about that the stages and that mod and mp3 made it kinda big.
Posted by matrixkitty 4th March, 2004

Posted by renneF 4th March, 2004

Finally its released! enjoy :)
Posted by Tongs 4th March, 2004

Looks cool. =D *downloads*
Posted by ripthor 4th March, 2004

Way too hard! :O
Posted by ripthor 4th March, 2004

But very good graphics and music!
Posted by renneF 4th March, 2004

Its not hard, Just challenging ;)
Posted by Nickstudios 4th March, 2004

Yea it's beatable or I must be really good or something.
Posted by Deviant 4th March, 2004

I like the whole style of this game! infact! I really really like the style of this game! ;) well done!
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 5th March, 2004

Gotta download this :). sounds and looks good, ill be sure to comment once ive downloaded it.
Posted by Batchman 5th March, 2004

whenever i defeat a boss , there is always the TGF sound problem (slow down + repeat sound indefinitely ect ...)
Posted by Mutantleg 5th March, 2004

like thats our fault or something?
Posted by Astral_86 5th March, 2004

Downloading... this is gonna beat sweet! ;)
Posted by Nickstudios 5th March, 2004

Whoa you beat it already? Man I guess for some people it's just easy.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 5th March, 2004

lol, i started playing it, and the next minute i couldnt stop XD. Big thumbs up to the warbot 2 Team!
Posted by renneF 6th March, 2004

I hope this game makes it into the top 10.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 6th March, 2004

i may write a review for it later, but first i have to beat it XD
Posted by Mutantleg 6th March, 2004

Thats NZs goddamnit :P
Posted by Strife 6th March, 2004

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!!!! :D I'm a really big fan of Elektroid and Warbot games, and i've been dying to play Warbot 2 for about 4 months now. I shall download it IMMEDIATELY! :D *downloading...*
Posted by Nickstudios 7th March, 2004

Maybe their computer can't handle the filesize XD
Posted by Imadjinn 7th March, 2004

I loved the Elektroid games, despite getting annoyed, frustrated and one time homicidal towards the monitor, but this I cannot play. How in the f*ck do you get up the ledge in after the flying bit in the Black Hole? Am I missing a command that makes you triple jump? One of those thumbs down is mine btw!
Posted by Mutantleg 7th March, 2004

Ok, Nick, you were right, we submitted it in wrong time :( matt: u mean u cant double jump?
Posted by Strife 8th March, 2004

No, I don't think he's talking about that. Maybe the game runs a bit slow on his PC, and when that happens, WarBot doesn't jump high enough to reach the ledge. Anywayz, I LOVE this game. I'm already up to Zero's fortress. This is MutantLeg's best game yet. A definite thumbs-up. I really wanted this to win GOTW, but since FAIND submitted a game, it's pretty much impossible. :( Damm them. Damm them all to h3ll!!!!!
Posted by Nickstudios 8th March, 2004

If people'd stop voting for them and start for us we might actually have a chance.
Posted by Nickstudios 8th March, 2004

Oh well Faind has won almost every single GOTW award they've ever perticipated in.
Posted by Nickstudios 9th March, 2004

XD MG and me were talking about making Smeby the underworld boss since he was taking so long and we had a drawing of himself on a level.
Posted by Strife 10th March, 2004

A drawing of Smeby in the game? Is it in that dark jetpack level with no enemies in the Black Hole world? 'Cause I think I spotted it there...
Posted by Nickstudios 10th March, 2004

no its one of the last levels infact it's called Last Level XD
Posted by renneF 11th March, 2004

Only 82 downloads! why?
Posted by Mutantleg 11th March, 2004

Lol that guy on the Black Hole jetpack level on a picture is Kame from the dragonball movie XD Only 1 reviews???? Damn u people, that Mr Stumps thingy why got like over 10 reviews then?? Huh??
Posted by Strife 11th March, 2004

Not to worry, Mutantleg. I have just completed my review, which will hopefully encourage everyone to download this game (yay!). :D
Posted by Nickstudios 11th March, 2004

XD Strife we had one Original song on the Last Level Stage after the Zero Battle Junkman made that song just for that stage, and the Final boss song was made by this paragonx9 dude.
Posted by renneF 12th March, 2004

this game need to be put on the front page again :P
Posted by Kris 12th March, 2004

lovely :D
Posted by Kris 12th March, 2004

... But please don't mix the mouse and keyboard :P keyboard control on the worldmap would be nice
Posted by Mutantleg 13th March, 2004

Yeah, yeah. Strife: Cool, thx! Kris: Sorry 'bout that. Btw wtf? Mutanteg game??? I wasn't the only one who worked hard on this game u know :P BTWBTW W00t? Only two reviews with 86 downloads?? :P TDC people only want mario clones where the main character is not mario i suppose XD No offense :P
Posted by Strife 14th March, 2004

Yeah. Sadly, it looks like this game will be lost in the massive archive of 3000+ DC games... Unless it's picked up during Andy's TDC Goldmine. ;) Hah! People here really don't like clones of other games. I've made a few realy good clones myself, but they're not done yet. :p





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