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Review: Brain Reader
Author: Tom Alder
Added: 27/05/2004

A while since this game was released, but ive just looked at it, so i think ill review it.


first of all, there is a title screen, start and exit, simple but effective some would say, i wouldn't.

you click start, and an information box comes uo, that is very colourful, the only thing is, hhow old is the person that has created this? he is either about 14 or he cant spell, or he has bad english. Stian Eikevag? right.

you click any key, as it says to and a set of 6 cards come up.

It tells you to look at a card, and remember wot it was and press any key. I pressed enter and a little box comes up and claims that the computer is reading your brain. nice idea, lol.

Wow the card you thought of, has gone says another box. you click any button, so i pressed enter and it was right, my card had gone.

I knew how this trick worked, so i played again, and again, my card disapeared.

Funny, the same set of cards appeared again at the start of the game. and the same cards came up again at the end:
King clubs, Queen hearts, Jack spades, Jack diamonds, king diamonds.


The Trick

You think of a card, and you click a button, your card seems to have disapeared but really, it's just a card trick . Each time, another set of cards different to the ones at the start appears, so whichever card you choose, it goes. Good idea, but it cannot fool everybody


Not bad, but it is boring, as it repeats the same cards, and there are no different ones.



Not bad, simple but effective. does the trick, but there are no different graphics, same ones each time, sorry, 2/10

Sound and music

no sound, nor music, so 0/10.


Gets boring. nothing changes once you have played it once or twice, you dont want to play it again, unless you are really puzzled by what the cards do



i would rate this game 2/10 - just the sheer effort put into it. well done, keep it up and keep clicking

Sound and Music:

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