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Brain Reader
Author: Decal Submitted: 26th September, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 189

Edited By SoidSnake on 11/7/2005

This is just a funny program. It's under misc.
This program can read your mind.
U just do nothing and only think on a card.
The computer will remove the card u was thinking on.

See if you can find the trick by yourself.
A conjurer keep all the conjuring trick for themself.

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Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 26th September, 2003

Pretty obvious how it works really. I suppose it was vaguely entertaining for a few seconds.
Posted by Smeggy 26th September, 2003

Posted by Killerjedi 26th September, 2003

Very simple. Well, at least the graphics were cool... and I like the idea. ^_^
Posted by Joshtek 27th September, 2003

I saw the same "trick" on a website a while ago. And they did it better ;)
Posted by Elvn 1st October, 2003

I also saw the trick on a website.. eccept they actually thought you'd buy the whole idea! lol, idiots! :D
Posted by vortex2 1st October, 2003

it never works for me :( my brain must just not be readable :(.
Posted by )Daniel_Fyren( 2nd October, 2003

Posted by Decal 2nd October, 2003

Some brains are hard to crack (LOL) Just kiddi'n. I made yhis to make my time go and start a conversation here. :)
Posted by Jonny 3rd October, 2003

that is pretty obvious
Posted by renneF 10th October, 2003

lol i tricked somebody with this, they were fooled :)
Posted by Decal 11th October, 2003

Cool :)
Posted by Decal 8th November, 2003

Hey guys. If you think that SolidusSnace is gone, then you're wrong. I've changen my name to SoidSnake. That's my personal name, you know that solidusSnake is from MGS2. Then it fits my web site too, try it:
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 12th April, 2004

every1 believed it, they said "oh....shit..." lol
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 12th April, 2004

i know how the trick works, the program takes away some of the cards and puts some new 1s in
Posted by Tom Alder 27th May, 2004

dont like it, its borin.
Posted by Tom Alder 27th May, 2004

if u tried gettin rid of one card instead of them all for a fresh bunch, it mite be interesting...but still..good idea, never the less, not very good. keep trying.
Posted by eliris 21st August, 2010

I already did the same thing but you submitted it to TDC the first time, you got this from the iphone app website?






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