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Review: JarmoWar
Author: DJ W
Added: 24/06/2004

Well I had'nt downloaded a game from The Daily Click for a while and I looked at this and thought it looked pretty cool so I downloaded it. For the five minutes that I played it I dont regret ever putting it on my desktop but thats the problem, it only entertained me for about five minutes.

There isn't a title screen to this game and it just jumps into asking what color you would like to be. Theres four selections of colors and quite frankly it doesnt really make a difference, your units dont change color or anything the only difference it makes is the two silos on your home base change to that color.

The author wrote that the computer doesnt wait for you to build or give you time before it attacks, which is true most of the time. Usually like fifteen seconds into the game the enemy comes after you but its not much of a threat. The only building that can take damage is your homebase and it has quite a bit of health so its not really a challenge.

There are only three buildings that you can build in this game and only six slots to build in. Once you build your war factory you can build two units, soldiers and tanks. The soldiers cost thiirty dollars and the tanks cost one hundred and fifty and quite frankly I dont know why. Most of the time when the tanks shoot they completly miss their target anyways and when they do shoot they only can get off about two shots before hitting the oponets base where they blow up.

The gameplay here is very fun, for the first five minutes as I said before. After about five minutes though its all so repetitive, the aricrafts dont help much eitehr so i usually go about massing on soldiers and winning.

The graphics here look like some effort was put into them and I personally like them alot. The only problem I see with the graphics is I think that the colors of the soldiers and tanks and airplanes should correspond to what color you choose at the beginning.

There is no sound or music so I dont need to talk about that.

The lastability in this game is about five minutes because of there being only three buildings, six spots to build and three units to choose from, there isnt much variety.

Overall I give this game a six, it loosing points in lastabilty, presentation, no sound and the fact that it seems like a demo. I really like this game and hope you continue on it and make it bigger, I really like the concept.

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