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Author: J.A.P Submitted: 23rd June, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 124

Edited By J.A.P on 6/23/2004

This is one of my real time strategy games (but not in scrollable playfield).

You play against computer which DOESN'T wait when you're ready to fight; it'll attack when possible! This makes the game challenging. Defend your base at all costs!
There are three (3) building types to construct:

- Mining Station: The Mining Stations will mine some raw materials from underground and converts them into money. You'll need these to get units and/or build more structures.

- War Factory: Here you train Soldiers and build Tanks. You'll need these only one.

- Plane Factory: If you want some air support, this is made for it; you can build some fighters whose will fire the enemy Base and some buildings.
- Soldier: This unit is the cheapest in the game. Soldier has a low-powerful rifle but shoots quite fast.

- Tank: The tank is VERY expensive but can kill enemy soldiers by driving over them. Tank has a powerful cannon which makes lot of destruction.

- Fighter: Fighters are produced in Plane Factory. The fighters are good choice when you want to crash some enemy buildings...

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Posted by DJ W 23rd June, 2004

fun for like 5 minutes then it gets boring, it needs more depth. But I liked it...for five minutes ha.
Posted by Kaine 24th June, 2004

Looks good
Posted by 24th June, 2004

I really enjoyed this game...for the last 5 minutes. DJW was right, you can do better man, this was a good idea, did u get it from newgrounds? Anyways, make a storyline game play mode which would be SWEET and make like 20 more units but not all at once. Make technology levels. The first tech lvl would allow you to ONLY build infantry soldiers and bazooka soldiers. The second tech lvl would allow you to only build tanks, and artillery, plus everything under that tech lvl. The third would allow you to only build huge barricade vehicles, and mammoth tanks (which are a lot stronger than other tanks). The fourth and last tech lvl would allow you to only build super-soldiers (which are really fast and powerful), and laser cannons (which appear when built and then emit a powerful beam of red laser...uh...thing...power, you know what I mean). Also a little suggestion for all these ideas to work is make the battlefield slighty bigger like 2 inches for maximum strategic planning, and other player blastin'. For storyline, make some levels forbid you from getting to a certain tech level because of a storyline event or something like that or something like in some certain mission u cant build a certain unit or 2 or 3 or 10 because of the storyline. That was a loooooong comment have fun reading it...wait, u just did! :):(;)
Posted by 24th June, 2004

J.A.P du e sikkert norsk!!!
Posted by DJ W 24th June, 2004

Review added.
Posted by Simon Elo 26th June, 2004

He is from Finland, like I am, not from Norway.
Posted by FlameCritter 27th June, 2004

Doesn't matter. It would be a shame to live in either places.
Posted by J.A.P 27th June, 2004

thanks from the tip, ukrainianite
Posted by 28th June, 2004

yw, do u think u could put all that in? It could get u closer to the GOTW competetion thingy.
Posted by Uni 18th August, 2004

Nice little game but at end enemy stop attacking.
Posted by T Koivisto 3rd September, 2004

nice one! i will wait new versio
Posted by Milo 1st October, 2005

:( Not enough buildings :(
Posted by Hempuli 5th December, 2005

Excellent gamE!






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