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Review: Stick Matrix (updated link!)
Author: Noyb
Added: 27/08/2004

Stick Matrix is, get this, a game based on the Neo vs. Smith clones fight from Matrix Reloaded... reenacted by stick figures!

The game starts with Brzezicki's logo, then some falling Matrix code, then a title screen in the same font as the real Matrix's title and pictures of Neo and Smith. It puts you in the mood to play the game. In-game presentation is okay, with bars and (custom) counters showing you your health, how many agents are left, and how close you are to throwing off agents that piled up on you. Plus, there's a brief but funny parody of the N64 Zeldas' boss intro screens.

Simply put, it rocks. You start off in a fight against 3 agents to familiarize yourself with the controls, and then fight 100(!) Agent Smiths. Stick-Neo can perform punches, spin kicks, jumping triple kicks, handstand flip kicks, blocks, dodges, bullet stops, and more. You can even slow down time (automatically or manual). 20-30 agents in, you get a pole, which gives you even more moves. There are some bugs, though. Once the Smiths enter the fenced-in area, their pathfinding is just move in a straight line towards you, which sometimes results in large clumps, or them getting stuck behind a fence if you leave the fenced-in area. Once you leave the fenced area, it may be difficult to return.

The backgrounds are okay, but the stick figures' animations are what sets this apart from most klik games. All the animations (and there are lots of them) are incredibly smooth, even when slowed down by bullet time. Much effort was also put into transitions from one animation to another. The bullets even leave air ripples like the movie. However, colliding with the walls/fence can show Neo with the pole even when it is not in his possession. Also, all characters are the same, so sometimes you might be confused which stick's your character.

Sound and Music
The impacts and gunshots are okay, and fit appropriately. The music fits, too, but is of low quality. The main fight music is not only quiet compared to the rest of the sounds, but hisses with loud static at several points in the song. This might have something to do with a "corrupted zip" message I got when extracting, but I was unable to download a non-corrupted file.

There's only two levels: a fight against 3 agents, and a fight against 100 Smiths, which is essentially the main part of the game. You'll probably want to play until you beat it, but the only reward you get is satisfaction. There's no kind of victory screen or music whatsoever. However, it is worth a download to experience it.

Sound and Music:

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