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Review: Cruentus: Time Slayer
Author: Teapot
Added: 29/08/2004

RainCoatDuck. Cool name. His previous titles include the massively awesome Ninja Nuclear Defence (get it a The Daily Click). He once again flexes his talented creative muscles for another relatively awesome game: Cruentus Time Slayer.

I must admit I am not a huge Castlevania fan. Only because I only ever played Simon's Quest which put me well off the series. But I do understand the basic play mechanics of that renowned series. This game is a more stripped-down version with elements of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Which is a pretty nice and tasty sounding mix, isn't it?

The gameplay, for the uninitiated, involves searching a castle (or in this case a school) for items and powerups so that you can gain access to new areas. Make no mistake, this game is relatively short, but that doesn't stop it from being supremely enjoyable.

Firstly, I'll give you the bad points. To begin my nag-list, the annoying birds were...annoying. They just flew at me without warning constantly. Secondly, the bloody lack of a save feature was an injustice to the game. In some games, the more linear an arcadey ones, this is justifiable. But in a Platform/RPG this is unacceptable...grrr.

Also, the frame rate was a tad choppy, but this wasn't too aweful. There were also a couple of annoying platform jumping sections where I fell not of my own fault, but because of the unresponsive controls. I think that this bug is related to looping but I will not speculate.

But then there is the goodness. And let me tell you, this game has some tasty eye-candy. Some people have shunned the grey background, but I personally thought that this was a masterstroke to stop things looking crowded. Also, cruentus himself is awesome looking, with great animations and such. The enemies are equally as beautiful and really add to the game (you thought catholic school-girl outfits were a good thing, you were wrong). The few windows in the game give you a beautiful view of the purple sky outside- brilliant.

Bugs aside, this game is fun. I particularly like the healing function which solves a lot of item-management. Unfortunately, as cool as slowdown was, it was very rarely useful... ah well. This was made in a rush for the Acoders comp, and is bloody good for it.

Overall I recommend you download this. If you are Raincoatduck, I suggest you add the features I mentioned earlier...especiall a bloody save function!!!

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