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Cruentus: Time Slayer
Author: Raincoatduck Submitted: 23rd August, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 299

Cruentus: Time Slayer is a platform slash-em-up in the spirit of Castlevania. It was done for the Acoder's Indie Game Competition and placed fourth. You can read the judges comments here:
(Note: The crash bug has since been fixed)

In the game you control a 'timepire,' called Cruentus. Rather than sucking blood from its enemies a timepire drains their timeforce. Using the timeforce he has collected Cruentus can heal himself and also enter a slow-motion mode (ala Max Payne).

The game features three boss battles and a slow-motion mode rarely seen in click games.

In addition, the game features all original graphics by Phil and all original music by Chris.

Cruentus: Time Slayer was created in Multimedia Fusion 1.5.

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Posted by Eight Bit Battle Cat 23rd August, 2004

I'm in school so i can't play, but the screens look nice and oldschool, except for the 100% grey backgrounds..why are they pure grey ?
Posted by CYS 23rd August, 2004

It has some pretty cool sprites and i love the animations... (except the sword slashing move) But the background is a bit bland and the gameplay is not very good.
Posted by taco ( Crobasoft ) 23rd August, 2004

looks great, downloading.
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 23rd August, 2004

its just like a worst version of Prince of Persia
Posted by taco ( Crobasoft ) 23rd August, 2004

Great grapihcs, but overall gameplay seems to be a tad bit repeatative, and the sword motion could be a bit faster..
Posted by Fifth 23rd August, 2004

Ah, cool. ..hmm... I'd say more enemies. I really love the parallax with the windows, though! How'd you do that?
Posted by Raincoatduck 23rd August, 2004

Since it was done for the competition we had to make some sacrifices, such as not having lots of different types of enemies. The game was done mostly in a matter of three weeks so it's not super-polished, but it's worth downloading.
Posted by Noyb 23rd August, 2004

Not bad. The bosses were a little too easy, though. Is fencing or archery a required class in Catholic school?
Posted by RedHades 23rd August, 2004

Nice music. Love the backgroud in the menus. Lots of bugs man. You should have let someone else have a look at it first and write you a basic report.
Posted by DistantJ [FZ Games] 24th August, 2004

Link won't work...
Posted by Zephyr 24th August, 2004

All crap except the sprites, It's not fun at all, much too slow. (Maybe the music is good, but my soundcard is non-existant, so I can't comment on that)
Posted by DasGuy 24th August, 2004

better good, i say spend a little more time and throw in a few more enemies and attack abilities. and whats with the last boss? looked a little wrong...
Posted by Teapot 25th August, 2004

I personally think that this is awesome.
Posted by Lelle 26th August, 2004

Cool graphics! Downloading--> Im gonna kill some time, playing this game. :)
Posted by Raincoatduck 29th August, 2004

Thanks for the review Teapot F.K.A Damien M, unfortunately I'm really not expecting to touch this game again as I became really burned out from it. However, I'm definately keeping your points in mind for the next game. It will have save points and be a lot more polished overall as we won't have a contest deadline.
Posted by Hugo B. 1st December, 2004

Pretty good game, considering the time pressure. You created a pretty platform-fighting game. I agree it's kinda repetitive, but at least it has potential (instead of some other games around here.. ;) )
Posted by Hugo B. 1st December, 2004

and.. the word "timepire" sucks!!






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