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Review: Moonlight - First-Person Shooter
Author: Greywolfexcel
Added: 01/09/2004

Moonlight... It sounds cool enough, but is it really?

When I first started up the game, I was greeted with blackness. After my eyes adjusted to the extremely dark tint of the menu screen, I could barely make out a selection cursor next to two (and only two) options: Start Game and Quit, respectively. Needless to say, I wasn't very impressed, hence the 3/10 score.

This plays like your average shooter; looking around with the mouse and walking around with "w" and "s." "A" and "d" is used for strafing. Unfortunately, the mouse isn't as responsive as I would have liked it to be, as it was somewhat laggy.

The controls are fine, for the most part, but what struck me was how the author says, "Short? Yes. Hard? Yes. Fun? Absolutely." Now, he is definitely not wrong on the first part, as the game is only 4 two-minute levels long. But the game is most definitely not hard at all. In fact, the game is so easy, it's almost a turn-off. The monsters you face are incredibly easy to kill.

On the bright side, the gameplay is fairly fast and you do have to watch your backside for these "techra." Everything is well-lit so you can see everything for miles around - well... you could, if there weren't walls in the way. But hey, don't let walls stop you, since you can walk right through them! That's right! I was walking around a house and I slipped right through the wall and into oblivion. Fortunately, I was able to walk on air back up, over the wall back into the level.

When I first started the game, I looked around and thought, "This is too good to be true." It is. The opening level is very nice-looking, but the rest of the game is a dull, textured white, with a few spots of brown used as doors. On the average, it's not too bad for a 3d game, for amateur quality, but if you're looking for stunning graphics, it's not here.

I didn't include music in the title of this section because... there isn't any! The sound is comprised of standard SFX, very typical - bullets, and walking.

At a whopping 8 minutes of gameplay for the entire game, it's extremely short. However, since there's no other features for the game except the single player campaign, there's almost no lastability.

The game is fairly fun, for a very short time. It's worth a download at only 3 MB.

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