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Review: Sheep Boy 2
Author: Retired Kliker Lazarus
Added: 27/09/2004

Sheep Boy 2
Reviewed by Lazarus on September 27th, 2004
Commentary:: Icetech horrible threats towards KM have shaken us all...not.

Sheep hate me, and I don't know why. One of my neighbors have sheep; when my dog ran out into the feild, one of them rammed into me. Ever since then, I've know the true power of the sheep. Why did God allow these stupid creatures to weild such horrible power?! WHY? So anyway, I checked out Sheep Boy 2, and I was pleasently surpised. Virtual sheep are much more nice, so I enjoyed this fun romp through sheep savin'. It is a fun (and sometimes challenging) game. I loved it.

The title screen is pretty well made. It shows the sheep bouncing around the screen. One goes into a box that goes into the 'continue' button, and another goes into the 'start' button, and the third sheep meets a ghastly fate! Yay!. The menu is mouse based. I liked how the boarders for the logo screen and the level intro screens were in the shape of sheep fleece. P.S. The continue button brings you to level 20. :/ (9/10)

I liked the original gameplay (no sarcasem ): you have to make walls around the sheep, and guide them to their cages. But its not that easy: you have to help them avoide the sides of the screen, (wolves come out!), and you have to save them from drowning, foxes, and more! (10/10)

What's there to say? I loved the style of the graphics, (although the animations were sort of lazy). (7/10

.::Sound and Music::.
No...BLINK 182! SAVE MY EARS! AKKKKK! The sounds were standard library sounds, nothing special. (6/10)

Lastablilty/Overall L*g) O*g)
I could play this game for a long time: it has twenty long (and sometimes hard) levels, although I haven't found any easter eggs. Overall, Sheep Boy 2 is a fun little game with great level design. And I sometimes love killing the sheep! Hahaaaaaa! Oh God no! The sheep! They've come back for me! NOoooooooooooooooooo! 9/10

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