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Review: Lost Woods Dizzy
Author: Hagar
Added: 26/10/2004

Being old enough to remember these and games of a similar ilk, I downloaded this purely for nostalgia hoping it would live up to the originals. And in my opinion it has.


Not exactly dazzling but these are how I remember the dizzy games. Although they are ripped I don't really have any problem with the fact that they are ripped as I think it would detriment the game if they was not ripped, as it would not look so original.

Graphics 4/5


The engine seems to play virtually exactly how I remember dizzy, and there is no bugs that let the game play down. There is however a few niggles but they might have been in the original, jumping at a precise time can be difficult as you have to walk then jump to jump and go sideways.

The author should have mentioned about how to interact with items you have with items in the environment **spoilers** (such as the bucket).

Engine 4.5 /5


This seems to play with the same sort of puzzle challenges as the original, fun. Unlike some adventure games where the answer is something completely different this actually has logic in the puzzle's.

Gameplay 4.5/5


Very bleepy like games of that time period. 1 Song repeated over and over does get boring, maybe a different song for each mini area, say 3-4 screens would have livened it up a bit.

Sound: 3.5/5


This game is a must for people who actually had the originals like the ones on the Amstrad Home Micros. It might be strange for people who never had the originals to see an egg with hands and feet - like Marmite you either like it or hate it - that's dizzy.


Sound and Music:

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