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Review: Lost Woods Dizzy
Author: X-Member19479
Added: 27/10/2004

I played this game before, it must have been pretty long ago, nothing much has changed as I see.

The gfx are the same as before. And the controls are the same. The only thing I liked is the camera movement, like in Zelda. but I found moving really hard and in some places not good. It is too slow. And I think there should have been more animations involved. The menu is...well there wasn't a menu as I saw. No selections to choose from. Even though considering this a retro type of game. I still think there should have been choices to make in the menu. For example cheats section and etc. Forgive me if there is a section like that.

Also there should have been any frame around the window and could have been made as a full-screen, fit to screen kind of game. As there are not so many colors it would have been a lot better if the "fit to screen" option was available.

As for the music,sfx: well... My speakers are broke and I don't know how good or bad they are. But as this is a retro/classical type of game the musics must have been that type.

I was pleased with the game but something I found really annoying was the jumping part. There was a place where I couldn't jump on for 15 minutes until I found out how it was done.

In general the game is an oldies game and I respect that. But you could have still made it a bit better. As you are using a really advanced application(MMF/TGF?). If you plan to release another version of this game make the presentation better next time.

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