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Review: Neonworld
Author: Retired Kliker Lazarus
Added: 12/11/2004

Created by Spiderhead
Reviewed by Lazarus on the 12th of Novemeber 2004

Spiderhead has created a good amount of addictive arcade games, and they seem to just keep getting better. NEONWORLD is a fast-paced that should keep people without short-attention spans occupied for hours.

.:resentation::. (9/10)
The title screen opens up. It isn't that impressive, but it does remind me of a traditional arcade game title screen, so I will be fair and give it 9/10. It also makes me feel like I'm in a real arcade. Wow. *sniff* *sniff*.

.::Gameplay::. (9/10)
Basicly take PAC-MAN and take away the maze, and you get Neonworld.
NEONWORLD play's a lot like Pac-Man- move across the screen and collect little blue squares while avoiding baddies. It's extreamly addictive, fun... and pull-out-your-hair hard! As you advance through the levels, more enimies are placed in your way, and more blue squares are added. Oooh what fun!

.::Graphics::. (8/10)
Well, I've seen Spiderhead do better. But, again, he tries to set the feel of an old-skool game, and he succeeds. The graphics look like an Atari game. I miss me Atari!

.::Sound and Music::. 6/10
Sound: Very Atari-ish (once again ). This game is packed with 'bleeps' and 'blorps', but nothing more (although it does have an utterly satisfying sound when you collected the little blue squares).

.::Lastablity/Overall::. 8/10
I could play this game forever. The levels are very similar, but remember- so was Pac-Man. Overall, this game is a fun arcadey experince that you should check out!

Sound and Music:

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