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Review: MegaMan: Return of Evil
Author: Wormware
Added: 06/12/2004

First I thought.. Man another Megaman clone. And even when I downloaded it. I started doing something else. Later on I thought. Well let's check it.
I never played the original Megaman (Sorry guy's) but still I was interested.

My first Impression:
Well. This isn't as good as I thought it would be. But I started playing.

It was obvious that the graphics were 'borrowed' and that some graphics are made by the clicker himself.

Okay, so the graphics weren't good.. So what?? Still it can be better to steal somethige the good way instead of making something that sucks.. (I know many people are not agreeing on that)..
But still, this is a fan game/remake. So why not using some graphics??

The engine sucked a bit. But It did remind me of the cool Knp games that people use to make!!
And he got rid of the ‘wall climbing’ bug, good he didn't forget that. Else It would have spoiled some levels...

The sounds are a bit rare, but not bad.. Could me better, and the music was okay and suitable.

Still the graphics could be better if he kept them all in the same style, and please, don't enlarge pictures..

Well about the game itself.. (the good stuff!!)
After a few bosses I started thinking the game was getting boring. But more and more levels and bosses were coming, and the 'ingame movies' were quite funny. Actually Megaman was saying what I thought.. Man, get rid of the talking, more fighting..

Many levels were too easy.. But some were better. I really liked the bonus stuff. And some of the bosses.

The end boss seems impossible. But after many tries, and switching the game to easy (just to get rid of the movies that played over and over again) I managed to defeat the end boss. Then I was at the spaceship level.. After that my comp crashed.. I had to do it over again. And I succeeded.

But why am I writing an article about such a simple game??

Well the answer is quite easy..

This game reminds me of old click games. Games don't have to have really good graphics, a 300 clicks engine or music that makes you go bananas.

Games can be quite good just with many levels, many end bosses and a simple but funny story..

This game is good in it's way and I really wish more people posted games like these.

Because 'Devernath' spends his time making levels. I rather have a game with many levels and more minutes of fun than a really good game with only 3 levels..

Keep up the good work 'Devernath'!!!

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