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MegaMan: Return of Evil
Author: Devernath Submitted: 4th December, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 136

Edited By Devernath on 12/5/2004

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Edited By Devernath on 12/4/2004

Edited By Devernath on 12/4/2004

Edited By Devernath on 12/4/2004

Edited By Devernath on 12/4/2004

This is my first game, not that good but I hope you like it. It is a long game, bout an hour to beat. You can also download it from my website at

This is a MegaMan game which in the storyline is right after MegaMan VI. Wily is freed from jail and raids his destruction on the world again from his evil lair of WilyLand. However, MegaMan overhears Dr.Wily's plan and now chases him to stop his evil.

You can also play as Protoman!

There are 2 bosses from MegaMan games I-VI

Have fun!

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Posted by Nuklear41 4th December, 2004

What kind of crap is this!
Posted by Nuklear41 4th December, 2004

Ehhhhh its actually ok.
Posted by Nuklear41 4th December, 2004

It didn't count my download!
Posted by Jason Orme 4th December, 2004

this game is so shit, i wouldnt even shit on it,
Posted by Hayo 4th December, 2004

Posted by AntiChrist 4th December, 2004

nuklear shut the fuck up already.
Posted by Nuklear41 5th December, 2004

Well ya know what you.....need.......ummm.......I got nothing. Wait yes I do! I like cherry coke better, vanilla sucks! ;)
Posted by Wormware 5th December, 2004

man, that endboss is really hard... I like this game.. Not that the graphics are ripped, and the platform engine sucks.. But the story is funny, and there are a lot of levels. I have more fun with this game than with many other games.. Looks ain't everything you know.. So, thanks for this game dude!!
Posted by AntiChrist 5th December, 2004

ok, i just played it and i am with wormware on this one. the movement engine could have been better (try one of the articles about custom platform movement ;)) and the graphics...well its megaman! apart from that it has a neat storyline, many nice levels and bosses. congrats, well done for your first game! :)
Posted by 5th December, 2004

a megaman clone with not really cool gfx:P ok I guess.
Posted by The Chris Street 5th December, 2004

I kind of enjoyed this, actually. Reminds me of my early Klik and Play platformers. Its good for a first game. Nuklear, I'm surprised at you actually. Your stuff is ten times worse than this. At least give some damn constructive critisism. Same goes to you, Jason Orme - although I haven't played anything of yours.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 5th December, 2004

This reminds me of Mega Man: Save Dr. Light.
Posted by Devernath 5th December, 2004

Actually, the reason I got TGF and wanted to make games so bad was because of MegaMan: Save Dr.Light. I loved the game so much, and the fact that he did it without any programming made me want to get TGF.
Posted by Tongs 5th December, 2004

Hey, not bad for a first game. Keep it up!
Posted by DaVince 6th December, 2004

Let's see... Very nice for a first game! You'll become a good clicker if you continue using TGF! But, these things could be better: 1. Make the buttons in the sound test screen smaller and give them a nice font. Or draw your own buttons. 2. You'll need to do something about the hotspot of some enemies, sometimes the explosion is too far from the exploding enemy. you can solve this by setting the enemy's all animation hotspots to the middle. 3. Did you use Global Objects? It will save on memory if you set a much used enemy, since the object will be used in all frames. 4. Instead of colliding with the door to go to the next level, do this: "megaman overlaps door + upon joystick pressing up: go to next level." 5. Make your graphics a little bit more better (scenery like mountains or clouds would be nice). 6. You could make an enemy which follows you, like this: "X position of megaman = X position of enemy - 30 (pixels or more), then set enemy's X position to its current -1 or -2 (and set its animation to following and its direction to left)." Then: "X position of megaman = X position of enemy + 30 (pixels or more), then set enemy's X position to its current +1 or +2 (and set its animation to following and its direction to right)." * when the megaman's X position isn't one of the above, do not do anything. For the rest, the game is great. And you don't have to do point 6, but it gives the enemies more AI.
Posted by Wormware 6th December, 2004

I've beaten the endboss. Too bad I didn't get the change to blow up the big plasma screen :P thanks for the game :D
Posted by Joshua M. 8th December, 2004

Hmm, it COULD have been a good game you know? If you just put in a custom movement engine it would be a lot better already! Then there should be a decent AI, and a way to skip the cutscenes. This could rock you know?
Posted by Satansboss 9th December, 2004

Posted by Nothing, Ok? 9th December, 2004

What the hell is that engine u r using???? Oh... waint i don't want to know...
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 9th December, 2004

No... I should not be mean... The game Rock's a "little" I can be better. Keep up the good work.
Posted by darkmage 19th December, 2004

this has got to be the worst thing i ever played too boring and hard i didnt see any fun to it because it was too repetitive






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