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Review: Tyrant of Isle Maurico Full Version
Author: X-Member20179
Added: 08/02/2005

Believing that the submission criteria would be better upheld after the incident with the original Scurvy Sanchez, I let my son continue to play the games on this site. Then I found my son to have installed this game, and after further investigation of it, I was disgusted. The situations in this game are obscene and embarrassing. Sanchez, who apparantly is not only a pirate but also a communist (as evident by the ship he's sailing on, with red sails decorated by yellow stars), it is sunk by another ship and Sanchez is stranded on an island. On the island, he meets with a man, who is obviously overweight and is used as comic relief by the authors of the game, he tells Sanchez about Sergei, who is obviously homosexual and in the authors eyes therefore is evil, and how he must overthrow him, an obvious disrespect for authority. However, before that, Sanchez must undergo an initiation rite, involving vandalism and theft of a museum artifact. After which Stan forwards Sanchez to a magician, who tells him to find her ingredients to make a potion, this is likely a metaphor for drug use in the authors eyes. Among the ingredients are a rare flower, likely to be protected by law. In order to get another of the ingredients, Sanchez must go down to the beach, where he finds a nude woman. She asks him to go get him a drink, something she is apparantly too young to do herself. Sanchez then goes off to steal her a drink. The reward for getting her a drink isn't clearly defined by the game, but it's likely to be a form of sodomy. Finally, having acquired the ingredients for the potion, Sanchez can enter a previously unavailable level. When trying to open up a door in this cave, Sanchez mentions lockpicking. He must instead find the key to the door, which is found on the bottom of the level. Once the key have been taken, the game hits a new low as an ocean of feces begin to rise from the floor. If the player manages to get back to the door on time, he will enter another cave. In a form of animal abuse, Sanchez must kick rocks at a crab to finish the game. Still the disgusting obscenities won't end. Sanchez find himself tied to a tree in a bondage game. While Sergei attempts to rescue him, a girl kicks him into the sea where he gets eaten by sharks.

It's a shame these creative people can't use their potential to do something decent.

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Posted by Codemonkey 22nd July, 2008

Great review! lol!
Posted by SircatmaN 22nd July, 2008

Downloading now, this game sounds AWESOME!


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