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Tyrant of Isle Maurico Full Version
Author: Phredreeke Submitted: 3rd February, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 134

This is the prequel to the first Scurvy Sanchez

Sanchez's ship sinks during a battle, and he gets stranded on Isle Maurico. There he discovers that the island is held under control by the evil Sergei Smellski, who doesn't allow anyone to leave. Solve puzzling tasks to get further in your quest to overthrow Sergei in this platform adventure. Featuring original graphics, a custom engine, a save feature with multiple slots, rewarded extras, new friends and enemies, and a whole lotta fun.

Made by me and Nothing, ok? A special thanks goes to our beta testers.

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Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 3rd February, 2005

Posted by The Chris Street 3rd February, 2005

This was made quickly...
Posted by Phredreeke 3rd February, 2005

How so, Circy? At least I didn't refer to the GoTW nomination ;)
Posted by The Chris Street 3rd February, 2005

Well I mean, you only announced it very recently and suddenly *PING!* its out. Wish I could make games that quickly :D
Posted by Drunking Clicker 3rd February, 2005

Yeah Sounds like somthing my Friend Darus would do.:p
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 3rd February, 2005

Is this game obscene like Scurvy Sanchez was?!? Joking, downloading...
Posted by Weston L 3rd February, 2005

ya dude!! i was a beta man!!! is my name in there somewhere? how many other testers were there?
Posted by FiMi 3rd February, 2005

The icon in the upper-left looks really ugly.
Posted by Noyb 3rd February, 2005

Not particularly bad, but not as good as the first one. This is just too short: just 4 mini levels, a relatively fun boss, and some easy (pick up item and press down in certain spot) puzzles. Also, the viewable area is really small. You can't really tell what you're doing without trial-and-error jumping, which isn't that fun.
Posted by - Yelnek - 4th February, 2005

I was a beta tester as well... I wonder if you used any ideas I suggested ;)
Posted by Teapot 4th February, 2005

Haha that thing in the left hand corner has ben mbssd r textu lghtd, yes it does look quite ugly
Posted by Nick of All Trades 4th February, 2005

This looks pretty similar to Monkey Island in a way.
Posted by Phredreeke 4th February, 2005

All beta testers are listed in the credits. A little trivia, besides me and Nothing, ok? Circy is the first person listed in the credits (I used one or two of his midis) Noyb, I'd like to see you review it (or the original SS). In fact I'd love to see any of you review it. Nikodemus, yeah, I love monkey island, there's quite a bit of homage to it. I leave it to you people to find out what though ;) AsparagusTrevor, yeah we all love obscenity ;)
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 4th February, 2005

I was the third beta tester! ;)
Posted by Phredreeke 4th February, 2005

Actually you were the first ;) You've been in since the start.
Posted by DaVince 5th February, 2005

I tested, too, but it seems almost nothing changed, ok?
Posted by Phredreeke 5th February, 2005

100% rating, cool :D
Posted by Nick of All Trades 6th February, 2005

I found the secret message!
Posted by Evil-Ville 9th February, 2005

ARGHT!!'s review reminds me of one of those christian game review sites.
Posted by Phredreeke 9th February, 2005

ARGHT review is some funny shit. Would anyone please write a serious review? :D
Posted by DaVince 1st August, 2007

Link to broken review.






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