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Review: Unknown Game 5178
Author: X-Member19479
Added: 21/02/2005

I've just downloaded the game to try it out. And I'm quickly gonna write what I have thought about this game.


The presentation was really simple nothing too fancy. There are not much selections. I saw only 2 game modes which didn't differ that much. The menu needs some work.


I can't say much about the gameplay. It is the first time that I have played a 3d'ish space shooter game. And this wasn't what I had expected. The road that the space ship was moving on didn't even look like a road. The controls are simple, which is good in one way, but bad in another as it limits the gameplay. Moving left or right and shooting at one direction makes you really feel bored after playing for 10 or less minutes. Add more playability to the ship. You should redesign you engine. I remeber having a 3d tutorial on my tutorial pack, you may wanna check it out. The gameplay isn't really good. One last thing, try putting a boss after the near end of each zone, this will pump up the gameplay really big.


The graphics looked too simple to me. As if they were made in not more than 20 minutes. As you may have noticed many people look at the gfx before even trying to download and play a game (and this is my main reason for not uploading a game here). You really have to put more effort on your graphics. Visit some "pixelation" forums,sites,etc. You should at least have putted more backdrops into your game.

Sounds and Music

This is probably the worst part of the game. I don't know if the looping game music was made by you, but most of the sfx are ripped from other games and doesn't suit your game. The looping and never ending music is really awful. You really have to put better music in and it has to be in "stocks".


I played the game for 15 minutes and it finished. This is not a really lasting game. No one likes a game that has only about 6 or 7 levels. Try putting more creative levels, in "stocks".


Don't get too rough on me for saying my thoughts. But these are the truth that some people disguise when writing an article. If you work on the points that I have written, you will certainly get a better game with a high overall.
Good Luck

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