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Review: Boonta
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 22/02/2005

Boonta is an interesting little game focusing on a "ballzy" soldier on his misadventures through 4 levels of alien/tank trashing mayhem. It provides 15-20 minutes of fun, but inevitabely leaves you wanting more from the experience.

Presentation is a mixed bag. For an action game, the game is presented very slowly and in a very gloomy fashion. Things take a while to get started, and screens take longer to fade out than they should. The graphics are stylish and dark, and it does indeed give the game a good dark mood. It just would have been nice to see it lift up from that eventually.

When you do get started, there are many things to enjoy such as nifty weapons and a fun character. Control feels pretty solid and gets the job done.

Graphics are nice to look at, even if they feel a bit rushed. I know this game took 2 days to make, and that is very fast. That doesnt change the fact that you will wish the graphics were much nicer when you play this game, especially when you realize that they could have been. The graphical style is very nice, and with some polish it could be twice as impressive.

Sounds are adequate. I especially liked the gun sound effect chosen, Im not sure why.

Music didnt fit the game well, as it was too slow for a game that needed something to liven it up.

Lastability is decent. I played for a while and still havent deleted it yet. I go back to it occasionally and try again because its fun. I've made it to level 4, but after a few unfair falls from a platforms edge, you may abandon it for the day as well.

This game was made in a short amount of time, but it extrememly well made keeping that in mind. It could have been much worse. It will provide a nice diversion and is recommended.

The only glitch I noticed was that if you hit a tank with too many rockets too fast, it becomes invincible. Bad situation.

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