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Author: yuyu Submitted: 3rd February, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 182

Ok so this'll probably be my last game here on DC for a long time. compared to Whiplash's 6 or so weeks of development this has taken 2 days which is a very short time. With that in mind its only 4 levels long but I think its good fun. I think It might be a little challenging but someone persistant should finish it in well under an hour.
If youve never heard or used the word "Boonta" it means "Crazy".
The game follows suit with exploding bees, Vietcong on distant planets and so much shooting that George Bush would probably get off over it. It has a story which is completely pointless that it keeps the games feel unimaginable well. The ending is a real stunner so be ready for that. The controls are very simple...
Z=Fire Rocket
There are about 5 VERY different enemies to piss you off including flying pirana, crazy block aliens, tanks and the aforementioned exploding bees. Theres also a space stage which is simple but fun and crazy.
So I hope you enjoy this, I did because its the type of game I like to make. Depending on what people think i might make a sequel because games like this are so easy and fun to make.



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Posted by AsparagusTrevor 3rd February, 2005

Wow, looks nice. Reminds me of that old console fighting game, Battle of the Ballz.
Posted by AndyUK 3rd February, 2005

i thought that was called Ballz? anway looks good. i jumped on the tank and died for some reason. :( oh well it looks good but the gameplay seems to be lacking.
Posted by Phredreeke 3rd February, 2005

The graphics reminds me of Biebersoft's Fuzzbusters and bubba games.
Posted by yuyu 3rd February, 2005

Yea the tanks kill you if you land on them. If your only there you've hardly seen anything crazy yet.
Posted by Joey Drasal 3rd February, 2005

Nice game! I really hope u come out wit a sequel I have not beaten the game yet though:( but i will soon:).
Posted by Joey Drasal 4th February, 2005

This game is an overall of 9.
Posted by Joey Drasal 5th February, 2005

Y u guys voting thumbs down.
Posted by John Keyes 5th February, 2005

how do i jump the first piranha pit
Posted by John Keyes 6th February, 2005

Posted by Joey Drasal 7th February, 2005

Y? it is a good game. Also, Colin u cant jump the piranha pit u have to swin and kill the peranhas.
Posted by Joey Drasal 9th February, 2005

Posted by Noyb 10th February, 2005

How do you go to the second level? I made it to the right edge of the first level (past all those darker green platforms past the tank), but nothing happened.
Posted by yuyu 11th February, 2005

You've gotta shoot all the baddies in the level first
Posted by Joey Drasal 11th February, 2005

keep walking in the first lvl and shoot all the badies.
Posted by Noyb 21st February, 2005

So you can't play as a pacifist? :p






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