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Author: Silveraura
Added: 06/03/2005

Well at first glance the graphics arent 100%, but what game here has 100% graphics & gameplay. the game itself is what matters & in this case, this game is really great! Anyway, rather then saying the game is nice, here is my review on everything.

The game itself when you first play it, seems to want to stear you away, but if you just play on, you turn to like how its going. I'm gonna give out an 8.

Now obviously its hard to rate gameplay in these types of games, but I will say that the gameplay in this game starts out rather rusty, i wasnt to impressed, but then after going through the game, finding items & so on, you turn to like it. Expecially after getting new boots that make the extremly annoying & slow walking, faster. Thats what kept me playing.

Obviously we all know that these graphics arent 32bit, but do a nice job with the lack of colors. The only problem was the lack of animation the game has. That is the part that takes this down to a 7. Only because, the graphics themselfs, though not top of the line, arent bad, but the animation is a max 5 frames from what I saw at first glance.

Sound and Music
Now the sound isnt anything to get you on your feet, but does match what you see happening & the music seems well picked for each area. I personally liked it. 8 out of 10.

This earns a strong healthy 10 right here. This game is very nicely designed to keep you additicted. The game itself seems to make you want to exit, but the way its RPG elements are so nicely made in an MMF game, it sure has me playing for a while. Lastability is real nice in this game, great job.

All & all, this game is not bad & I recommend it to anyone who likes RPG's. Its not bad at all for a game designed in MMF, in many ways, this game builts apawn what Enternal Daughter was missing when it comes to RPG elements. Nice work... 9 out of 10.

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