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Review: Deepside Beta 1.0
Author: Rox Flame
Added: 31/05/2005

For all of you out there looking for something different in a game, maybe this one's the one for you, I know i liked it and i'm sure many others do too.

This game is not your average click game, It does not involve running around shooting constantly at moving targets, it does not involve crappy platform engines.
Instead it involves a very unique gaming concept, in which you hunt for treasure with a very cool mini-submarine at your command.

The game is very involving and has plenty of puzzles to solve and ocean dangers to overcome. The things i enjoyed most about this game were the very cool chain, the nifty ability to launch yourself out of the water and some of the excellent puzzles. There were a few glitches involving the chain, including one that i found rather strange which seemed to allow objects to fall past the sea floor so long as they are attatched to your chain (seemingly impossible one would think) this caused your sub to get pulled into the sea floor and damaged if the object you were attatched to went too far, this however is a minor issue in an otherwise very well constructed game.

The game objective seems slightly unclear, other than that you are collecting treasure.. to what means?. The game could have been greatly reinforced with storyline involving what you need the money for or even just a subplot involving the player in a more personal way, without a real story it seems there isn't really any major goals that you are working toward, this hinders the lastabilty a little as you aren't given the drive to play that a good storyline hook can do, and other than the brief moments of meeting other subs it is very lonely also.

The graphics for this game are excellent and it looks like a lot of work has been done in what appears to be photoshop? in making the caves and scenery. The sounds and music are very well suited to the game and conribute to the deep sea feel.

This game is excellent overall and although probably not suited to everyone, i would recommend it to any-one who is looking for something a little less ordinary.

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