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Deepside Beta 1.0
Author: Sam Dillard Submitted: 28th May, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 234

Okay I started this game a year and a half ago, and its development has been a living hell ever since.

Basically, you are a pilot commanding an expedition to find treasures in various locations within a privately owned island chain. You will compete against other pilots, dangerous wildlife, and even pirates. You've got a large ship and a nimble minisub that is equipped with a multi-purpose towchain.

You go down, explore, find treasures and bring them back to your ship. That's the SIMPLE description.

But there's a bit more to the story than meets the eye (and the crappy screenshots hehehe... sorry. The world below the serene ocean surface is slightly bigger and more dangerous than it seems. That's all I will say about that.

Que the conventional feature list for this DEMO:

-A few hours of play time
-Dozens of hidden treasures that are RANDOMIZED each game
-Large ocean environment with intricate caves and hidden tunnels
-Complete Training Mode
-Buyable items, equipment, engines, weapons, and upgrades
-Combat IS a factor in Deepside.. be warned...
-Hidden secrets, bonus levels, and a Boss
-Deepside is utterly non-linear- go where you want, no time limit, no treasure limit.. get as far as you want and leave whenever you feel it's too dangerous to continue (or you get bored or something)
-Lots of annoying puzzles and obtacles mwahahaha
-Hate the controls? Well they are fully customizable with 3 editable presets
-Most importantly, a cool credits screen

I know the file's kinda big- keep in mind this game is the most size-efficient piece of software it could possibly be, it's just a pretty epic game.

I have a feeling most of you won't like this game, it's definitely not a "gamer's" game. But if you happen to enjoy challenging adventure games (as I do) then you might like Deepside. Honestly though, I've grown to dread working on this... If you all hate this (which you probably will since I'm a pessimist biatch) then I will move on to another of the ten billion projects I am also working on. But IF even a few of you happen to like it, then I will be happy to invest more months to finish the game.

This is my first upload in many years, I guess it's good to be back. Hopefully everyone's not too disappointed with Deepside, in any case, thanks for reading/playing!

Sam of (have some company link propoganda)

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Posted by Jimbob 29th May, 2005

Glad to see you've added the custom controls
Posted by Derek_Reaves 29th May, 2005

Not a game for everybody . . . but forget those ppl :P I only played about 25 minutes into the demo area,but I think ive got a pretty good idea of what the game is about . . . Great presentation , good learning curve , great gameplay :). . . Better than mannnnnnnnnny click games out there , definitely quality nice job :)
Posted by Derek_Reaves 29th May, 2005

Oh and not to mention original i believe
Posted by Windybeard Games 29th May, 2005

loved it, big old download though, but well worth it!!
Posted by Jason Dudie 29th May, 2005

the graphics are great
Posted by Sam Dillard 30th May, 2005

thanks a lot everyone, wasn't expecting many folks to like it lol! hopefully people get to the boss since that's kinda the apex of the demo, and a helpful item is acquired after that ;)
Posted by Rox Flame 30th May, 2005

I really like this game, its good because its far more original than most other games on here. It reminds me of echo the dolphin, brings me back to the good ol sega days.
Posted by Rox Flame 30th May, 2005

I agree, this game however is far more interesting, you dont just swim aound talking to dolphins. you get to shoot stuff and get treasure and things, very cool indeed. I especially like the way the chain feature was done, very nifty idea.
Posted by Kisguri 30th May, 2005

Anybody Find the Hidden Super Mega Boss yet?
Posted by theDreamer 30th May, 2005

the resolution was all messed up on my PC - the picture was sort of compressed to the top 1/4 of my screen. also, "disabled" was written on the menu screen I could do anything at the menu screen. are there any solutions to the above problems?
Posted by Kisguri 30th May, 2005

"The Dreamer", Please post your PC Specs to include the following, 1.Machine type 2.Operating system 3.Graphics Card 3.Visual Settings 4.Memory Thanks!
Posted by Sam Dillard 30th May, 2005

hmm that's weird, only the continue button should say "disabled" for this beta, but the resolution should be full screen at 320x240 so yes, please post your machine's info, sorry I don't know what the problem is, but it must have something to do with your computer's settings..
Posted by adam (ap software) 30th May, 2005

wow, great job! i like this game alot, its a pretty cool idea. great work ;)
Posted by Sam Dillard 30th May, 2005

thanks, here's some more tips to help make it more fun to play (i think): Pirate sentry weapons like spears and torpedos can be deflected by your towchain ;) Also, if you are at the surface and being chased by a torpedo, you can jump out of the water- the torpedo can't follow. You can also shoot back at enemy weapons too. The ravenous minions in the deep caves (for those who get that far) will not come back if you destroy the 3 nests which they spawn from. Finding a yellow bag will always give you an extra life if you don't already have 3. If you do, they will give you a special temporary item.
Posted by Roman-the-evil 30th May, 2005

I really liked the game, but several remarks: if you tow a treasure, there is high possibility that treasure will get you down and get stuck in the floor, thus it becomes impossible to throw it off and you just keep bumping into floor until you die. Second, once you tie the chain to treasure, and start pressing gas, treasure is usually damaged a lot. 1st level speed is way too slow. I think you should make it at least easier to go down underwater without using highest speed and thus spending too much oxygen. You should make available a windowed version of game. Main ship moves too slow.
Posted by defenestrator 30th May, 2005

Unfortunately, I am too stupid to play this game.
Posted by Derek_Reaves 31st May, 2005

"I really liked the game, but several remarks: if you tow a treasure, there is high possibility that treasure will get you down and get stuck in the floor, thus it becomes impossible to throw it off and you just keep bumping into floor until you die." Adjust your speed "Second, once you tie the chain to treasure, and start pressing gas, treasure is usually damaged a lot." Dont bump into the floor 1st level speed is way too slow. I think you should make it at least easier to go down underwater without using highest speed and thus spending too much oxygen. Carry the reserve tank thingy with you . . .if you played the tutorial you would know how to use it and what to use it for , and you would also learn about its weightlessness. " Main ship moves too slow." adjust your speed Sorry but I found that all these comments were un-necessary besides the one about having a windowed version of the game
Posted by bola 31st May, 2005

fucken awesome game dude!! id change 2 things, cahnge the text from being constantly italicised, even if just in the message boxes, its harder to read than normal text. and add windowed mode. bloody inspirational game!! SICK!! :D
Posted by ben mercer 31st May, 2005

This is an awesome game! Go for it, this could be fairly successful as a commercial game i think! Just a few qualms - it looks like you have used an "OR" or "XOR" ink effect on several occasions for special effects in the game, trouble is they produce some weird colours when over certain shades and colours. I think it would probably be best that you changed these to semitransparent because OR and XOR don't look very professional. -Once when i was trying to pick up a bone, i got to max speed and the submersible went up with the clamp thing on the chain, but the bone stayed put. This is a damn good game and it would be a real shame to give up on it now.
Posted by ben mercer 31st May, 2005

by the way the music is great for this game as well
Posted by Joshtek 31st May, 2005

keep working on it, its good!
Posted by theDreamer 31st May, 2005

Oh right, so the "disabled" is part of the game...anyway yeah, my computer is a dell laptop, with a screen resolution of 1680 by 1050. Its an LCD screen so thats the only resolution that looks Ok (plus it only goes down to 800 by 600). Isn't it possible to display 320 by 240 fullscreen picture properly with this resolution?
Posted by Sam Dillard 31st May, 2005

1680 by 1050? That's a real weird res.. I think unless a screen size is proportional to the app window size there will be problems when changing resolution, but I'm not sure. I would think it should work on 800 by 600, can you change it to 1024 by 768? BTW, thanks for the comments everyone, I'm wondering why everyone wants a windowed version though, the game would be a tiny rectangle on most monitors! Stretching the game to fit the screen really makes it slow too.
Posted by Sam Dillard 31st May, 2005

Oh yeah, just thought I would mention that this game does indeed have a story lol! A main underlying premise of the game is that things aren't always what they seem. At first you just know that you are there to find treasure, along with other pilots. As you explore the rest of the levels- especially the unlockable ones, you learn the real plot of the game. Also, there will be multiple endings- the best one will reveal the truth about what's going on. Remember that the level in this demo is only 1/12 of the full game, most other levels have a lot more going on involving the story. The first level is really more of a warm-up for people- it even says that on the Map description as well. In later levels you will be doing much more than just going around aimlessly looking for stuff, you will be involved in massive rescue operations, fighting maritime wars, competing directly with other pilots, going to auctions, and even solving the mystery of a prehistoric creature's return to life. Rest assured that what you see of Deepside in this demo does NOT at all represent the extent of the gameplay in the full version- which should be out by the year's end as FREEWARE unless the filesize is just too massive for our puny server ;)
Posted by theDreamer 31st May, 2005

neither 800 by 600 or 1024 by 768 cause any improvements
Posted by theDreamer 31st May, 2005

isnt it possible to have a windowed mode with a res of 640 by 480, so its slightly bigger?
Posted by Sam Dillard 31st May, 2005

well the game is a low res game for size efficiency and speed, all windows and graphics are designed for 320 by 240. In order to make a 640 game, I would have to redo all the graphics and dimension coding, which would set the game back about another year and the game would run half as fast I considered having an option of full screen or windowed modes early on but couldn't figure out how to do it: from what I know, the game would have to default to windowed mode, then use an extension to change the resolution. The problem is, deepside runs like crap without direct x, and i couldn't find any way to change the res with an extension with direct x turned on. if anyone has any ideas on how to have a game switch between full screen/change res, to windowed/normal res with direct x on, then I suppose I could look into it
Posted by theDreamer 31st May, 2005

damn!! the game looked good as well...
Posted by Rox Flame 31st May, 2005

Ahh good to hear there will be an in depth storyline, i was hoping there might be a story in development. Fantastic work Sam.
Posted by Noyb 31st May, 2005

Amazing demo you got here. The control is great, and the gameplay is fun and refreshing. The only real trouble I see is that with such huge levels that could easily take hours to fully complete for perfectionists, and with some areas only accessible with certain bought items, I don't really think that forcing players to complete levels in one sitting without the possibility to return is a great idea. Also, I somehow managed to get the oxygen tank/ small treasure holder stuck in a ledge in the second zone (the one to the right of the first area). The chain refused to attach, even though I could drop off treasures and recharge air.
Posted by Simon Colmer 31st May, 2005

this is one amazing game, cant wait till it comes out (with a save function) lol well done
Posted by Joshtek 31st May, 2005

To disable the resizing just create a shortcut to it with -nof at the end. Fun how you can still fire after your subs been destroyed ;).
Posted by Sam Dillard 31st May, 2005

hmm... not sure why things get stuck, it's happened sometimes when I played. Must be something screwy with mmf's collision detection, or perhaps getting hit while overlapping might cause it to drop inside a wall, I'll look into it since that is pretty crappy and the reason you can still fire after getting destroyed is because the quantum singularity caused by the engines creates an intense gravity lens that warps time, giving a glimpse of another moment when you were firing your weapon... that and I overlooked re-adjusting some of the groups deactivation after changing the code in each frame zillions of times, that'll be fixed ;)
Posted by Simon Colmer 1st June, 2005

how can you turn the music off?
Posted by Sam Dillard 1st June, 2005

You can't. Why would you want to?
Posted by Joshtek 1st June, 2005

You can get rid of music by deleting it from the deepside.gamesare zip archive. I like the music, tho.
Posted by Vanloon 3rd June, 2005

Truly love the game!! Best click game I have played for ages. Sorta reminds me of Pikmin on the gamecube with all the tresure hunting and all, but Deepside is way too original to be a copy. One thing, is there a way to get to the shop mid-level. Because I didn't get to buy anything because I had no money when I started the level and it only has one area in the beta so when I left the area it goes back to the main menu.
Posted by ben mercer 3rd June, 2005

RE: Sam Dillard I've got an idea how you could change the res, You could maybe create a launcher app, and you set the resolution on that, and you could probably also set whether directdraw is on or off by using an expression to add the command lines to the end of your app path when it was launched. I think you could probably have it so that when you click "start game" you use an extension at that point via the launcher app to change the res, then the game starts with the resolution set. Hope that works, didn't test it.
Posted by ben mercer 3rd June, 2005

See if you can't get some form of antialiasing on that text, it is really hard to read :-)
Posted by Spram 3rd June, 2005

Posted by Sam Dillard 3rd June, 2005

i guess I'll just have to change the font, since everyone seems to have so much trouble reading it. It must look different on my computer for some reason... RE: Ben BTW thanks for the suggestion, the problem is though that Deepside cannot be played without Direct X on as it runs way too slow, it's definitely not fun to play when at 1 fps! Still not sure why anyone would want a windowed mode, most people always ask for full screen in games that are windowed only. RE: Vanloon If you beat the training mission, you get money to start with for buying a few things. In the full game, you will not have much to start with on the first level you choose- this means if you want to unlock and find everything, you simply start at different locations in order to build up money. BTW: If you do not kill the crab on the training mode, you will get a little reward ;)
Posted by Batchman 7th June, 2005

stop aasking for windowed version and launch the game with /NOF switch ....
Posted by Garth G 8th June, 2005

Wow man, how could you say people probelly not like it up there? this game is awsom, sweet secrets and can be found if you try to look for them and all it needs is a save function in the full vershion, and BAH! i bet you could sell this thing and people will buy it ;-D
Posted by Sam Dillard 11th June, 2005

thanks, Butteater!





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