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Review: Sawman Demo
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 02/06/2005

Well I stumbled across this while browsing the new releases, and was pleased to find and a very attractive little action game called Sawman. Its just a demo, so no doubt many new features and details will be added later! But it is already and very cool way to spend 5 minutes!

You play as sawman, a little dude who reminds me of Metalman from Megaman 2 as you toss your bommerang sawblades across the screen and have them come flying back, slicing and dicing enemies both ways! There are also powerups to find everywhere. I was jamming with my flaming sawblade, and other items such as shields will help you as well.

Graphics are great. They are all original, and very stylized. Everything has a great hand drawn look to it. Enemies are funny, and put up just enough of a fight.

Play control is very solid as well. Usually games like this feel slippery and enemies are almost unavoidable, making each level a race to the finish before the unavoidable enemies drain your life away. But in this game, I took my time, killed the baddies, collected the items, and had fun doing it.

Sounds are perfectly chosen as well, I was jamming out to the catchy tunes while slicing those little red marshmallow baddies.

Lastability suffers of course since this is just a demo, so no long term worries. Im sure with more levels, people will play this to the very end, no doubt.

Overall, this is going to be a very fun game when its done. I will be watching for it in the near future, and recommend a download.

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