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Sawman Demo
Author: hop Submitted: 29th May, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 97

Edited By sunstrike9 on 6/2/2005

This is a two-level demo of the platform game Sawman. Kill bad guys to powerup your gem counter and reach the gem at the end of the level. Use Sawman's cool sawing attack and get powerups.
Arrow Keys - Move, Aim
Shift - Jump
Control - Throw Saw, Return Saw

What should I change about this before I make more levels?

Edit: Added music and sound effects.
Edit2: Added 2nd level, fixed bugs, more sfx.

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Posted by Sean Kelly 29th May, 2005

wow! I love this game! I cannot wait for the full version d00d! This game is really fun! Good job so far! ^_^
Posted by hop 29th May, 2005

Thanks Sean, I really tried to give this game a good feeling, consistant style and solid feel. FYI for powerup thingys - White - Restore 1 health Red - Extra Life Orange - FireSaw Gold - Invinciblity Bubble Blue - Super Jump Black - Restore Timer for Powerups
Posted by Willy C 29th May, 2005

looks sweet!, maybe Ill download tomorow. please save images as png, they give better results when your game havnt got too many colours, and take up less space
Posted by Sean Kelly 29th May, 2005

Yeah, I wish I was this good at making gmaes <:( But, I think im okay and Ive only been with TGF for about a year.
Posted by Ski 29th May, 2005

tis very good.
Posted by AndyUK 29th May, 2005

Pretty good, It would be nice to fire more than once at a time and maybe faster?
Posted by hop 30th May, 2005

Thanks for the comments and advice! Those who voted thumbs down please state a reason why or how to improve it.
Posted by Vanloon 2nd June, 2005

I thinks it's really good. I reckon it's fine just firing once at a time, it's what makes the game diferent. One bug, first time I played I died on the first level (I know I'm lame for dying) and it jumped me straight on to the second level instead of restarting the first.
Posted by hop 2nd June, 2005

Thanks, fixed and other stuff too. I do think I will keep the one saw thing, the point is to figure out how to use your one saw most efficiently in difficult situations(like returning it with control when you should).
Posted by hop 2nd June, 2005

Wow, thanks for the review Shroomlock! You captured everything I was trying to focus on perfectly.






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