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Review: Scurvy Sanchez 3
Author: Nick of All Trades
Added: 11/06/2005

There has come a moment in every persons life where he has to ask himself "What would the Monkey Island games look like as a platformer?" If you have played the previos Scurvy Sanches games, you probably already had an answer. This game, however, takes a litlle distance from the Monkey Island style and becomes more independent, even though it is similar to the first game in many ways.
When I first started the game, despite a clear difference of character, level design and background; I recognised myself in the other Scurvy Sanches games. My first impression of the first Scurvy Sanches was actually that it was something really proffessional. Simply I was blinded by the nicely made and humorous intro. This game does not really have that advantage, but he has still somewhat worked hard with it, adding Mode7 and all.
For Presentation I give it 7/10.
Scurvy Sanches find himself in a forest on Isle Reinal after his ship hit the ground. He encounter his girlfriend Sarah, who explains to him the island is haunted by the ghost of their first nemesis Sergei. The rest of the story is kind of blur, and anything that happens just... happen. This is pretty much a minus in gameplay since the player lack goal and motivation to complete the next level. It keeps up, though, through the fact that Phredreeke is a decent programmer, and an excellent level designer.
For Gameplay I give it 7/10.
The graphics has deffinetly improved since the last two games. This game now have paralax scrolling and much more details. I don't think he ever had problems colouring, since I seldom see a colour being alone, but when it comes to the shapes... well, at least he is not giving himself a challenge he cannot accomplish. Still, he has chosen a graphicstyle which is hard to make it look good and he made it look good.
For Graphics I give it 8/10
The sound of the game is least to say original. Even if it is oerfect or not, he has a sound for almost anything (though it misses a few) from landing on different surfaces to ghosts appearing and disappearing. The music, on the other hand, is just great. There is an original and excelent piece of music fitting perfectly for every level.
For Sound and Music I give it 8/10.
This game can be completed in a couple of minutes if you have finished this once and the ending is mildly amusing, but that doesn't mean you won't play it again. Even though I haven't played this very often, I enjoyed it every time and won't miss a chance to play it again.
For Lastability I give it 7/10.
In conclusion: Even though this game has some and any weaknesses, it is still very playable and fun. Such game is difficult to make, and Phredreeke must really have put his heart in it.
Overall I give it 8/10
Thank you for your time!

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