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Review: Scurvy Sanchez 3
Author: Matt Boothman
Added: 12/06/2005

It's been quite a long while coming, but Scurvy Sanchez 3 (or just SS3 for short) is finally finished: crisp, bug-free and ready for download. Phreedreeke and Aggggge, the authors of the game, deserve a special mention for actually completing work on this game. As many clickers know, working in two's can be tough, but they seemed to have struck gold in terms of a working partnership and have made quite a decent game here.

The story is that Scurvy Sanchez, a sailor by trade, has come to visit his darling girlfriend Sarah on Isle Reinal. But, and there's always a but, the ghost of Sergei is haunting the island and Scurvy Sanchez must do something about this (it's not exact what). Multiple stock platform worlds to get through inevitably follow.

So what's the game actually play like, I hear you all cry? Well, the gameplay has good sides and bad sides. The actual platform engine is nothing too brilliant. The deceleration is a little hard to get used to, but it works and it's bug-free, which is always a big plus. Another good feature of the game is the level design - there's a definite difficulty curve, and most of the levels seem well prepared. They may be really easy at first, until you have to search for the coins. Which in turn enable you to buy tools, which in turn enables you to finish levels - see how it works? It's a tried and tested formula, which works in this game.

Now, what's that I hear you cry again folks? "What's the graphics like?". Well I'll tell you, my lovely friends. Similarly to the gameplay, the graphics are a bit of a "curate's egg". The enemies and characters are well done and they all fit in perfectly with each other - which unfortunately is something I can't say for the backgrounds. I can't run the game with the full backgrounds on as it runs slow as hell, but even from screenshots I can see that the Mode-7 backgrounds don't really fit. That's not to say it wasn't worth trying. It was a risk, and I don't think it really paid dividends. You can always turn those off anyway and be faced with a blank blue background.

So on to the next section on reviewness - the sound and music! Now I'd be lying if I said I could review this honestly, seen as I wrote quite a few songs for this game. All I can say is that the music fits - and is far from the annoying stuff you sometimes get from platformers like this. The SFX all seems good and proper also, although I have to query the use of an effect when Sanchez lands.

The game, although not terribly hard, does offer some replay value. There are plenty of extras to hunt for, and a harder difficulty mode to struggle through. But the question is, do you really want to?

I'd say yes - this game, although iffy in parts, is a good solid click platformer. 7/10

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