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Review: Sub Zero Conditions
Author: Klikmaster
Added: 07/09/2005

This game is presented well in the gameplay, your stats and weapons are clear on the screen and they are presented well to fit with the games theme.
The title screen however is a bit bland, and the default mouse pointer on only this screen seems out of place. Overall a good presentation.

This game is simple, work has gone into the weaponry and a mouse aiming system, apart from this no seriously advanced coding has been used, but this is a good quality as it's kept simple, and that's what makes this game fun to play.
The basic enemies in this game all only need a few shots to be killed, but many enemies come at you in a level. The game uses being able to kill enemies quickly for easy satisfaction for the player.
Good particle effects have been used such as steam and blood.
The bosses too arn't that hard and you won't be not playing the game due to extreme frustration
The game also involves several puzzles, many weapons and a bonus game to unlock which makes this game all that much better.
For all this, the game deserves a good gameplay rating.

The graphics in this game arn't special, but they are easy to look at. A variety of different themes have been used throughout the game, which makes it so much more interesting.

Sound and music
Not all of the sounds used were homemade, but they certainly fit the game very well. The music was not made by the author although it also fit the game very well.

This game isn't terribly difficult and is very short. However the gameplay is extremely fun and there is a special mode to unlock which enables you to try and kill as many enemies as possible before dying which keeps the lastability high.

An extremely fun game, short, but fun, if you havn't downloaded it, do it and try it.

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