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Sub Zero Conditions
Author: Willy C Submitted: 6th September, 2005 Favourites:1
Genre: Action Downloads: 521
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Edited By Willy Wanker (Monkey Business) on 10/3/2005

Sub Zero Conditions is a top view action game. You play Jason, a guy who wakes up in a nightmare and do not remember how he got there. You have to find a way out of the city, but stumble over numerous obstacles on your way. Blast your way through 7 levels, 2 bosses and 7 weapons in this Action/"Horror" game.

Technical info
- 1 player game
- Aprox 30 - 40 min gameplay
- Weapons: Metal pipe, pistol, shotgun, automatic, Super Shotgun, grenade gun, Energy gun
- Zombie fun for the whole family

Edit: Download should work again, screens being uploaded soon
Edit: Screens reuploaded

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Posted by c-jayf 7th September, 2005

you can shoot when you are knocked out or w/e
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 7th September, 2005

Very nice game, I love it when I kill those motherfuckers with the shotgun and they fly back! Just AWESOME!!! I was wondering if you could teach me how to make that? Or maybe make an Article or somethin, so everybody can know. Thanx
Posted by Willy C 7th September, 2005

take my top view class over at Check for physic article there if you want to make the suckers bounce! Ive also updated the game a bit now, it shouldnt contain that much grammer faults, and the rain/snow effects are much better now, its also in zip format now.
Posted by Zethell 7th September, 2005

When i played this game.. i pressed space directly because i wanted to jump xD somehow it saved instead of jumping XD .. and showed an error while saveing.. The game wouldnt start again so i restarted it.. When i pressed new game i was suddenly in a wrecked city. Now How the Hell did that happen? :S
Posted by Yikes 7th September, 2005

I reached the heart thing after splashing all the blue bubble things, but in the room, I get knocked around the room by a invisible thing. I can't do anything to resist the invisible knocking thing. I think its a bug. I just get knocked around till I am dead, over and over again. ANNOYING! Please fix this so I can continiue playing!
Posted by Willy C 7th September, 2005

ah yes, I see Leto, hehe, its an old code from when I tested the old save system. just delete the save file named "SZCSave" and it will restart Mushroom, thats seems strange. It shouldnt even be possible, Ill check the code on all the invicible events.
Posted by axel 7th September, 2005

pretty ossum. It reminded me of max payne. You have really succeeded with creating a spooky mood and stuff, to get into the player's head. It's really nice exept that i couldn't figure out how to use that fuckin lead pipe, i had no idea if i even hurt those zombies, and then i was just teleported to the ground and stuff, that was weird 0_o
Posted by Radix 7th September, 2005

Yeah, the way the pipe works is kinda dumb. You have to click exactly on them when they're in close range.
Posted by Willy C 7th September, 2005

yea that is kinda stupid. Ill fix it now.
Posted by axel 7th September, 2005

but... you say this is for the Klik Me compo? I thought you started working on this BEFORE the compo was started {ponder} isn't that against the rules?
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 7th September, 2005

hey, I can't find that phisics article in KA. Where is it? GIve me the link to it, please. Thanx
Posted by Willy C 7th September, 2005

I didnt start working on this before the date no, I canceled my current project when I saw the compo, then it took me a month before I decided to enter the compo, when I was thinking of names to the game I just used the same name, as its a cool name :) Sgt. Goto courses at the KA, then join the top view game course, it should be there Anyway, I've fixed the crowbar..I mean metal bar buggy thing
Posted by Dustin Gunn 7th September, 2005

Can you fix Gordon... OOPS, I mean, Jason, going through the walls?
Posted by Erik 7th September, 2005

@Crazy Mushrooms I have the exact same problem as you. I also got into the hearts room and then i just get nocked around the room untill i am dead. Im not sure if this has anything to do with it but when i went into the room i had the energy gun on full charge. But it is REALY ANNOYING and needs to be fixed. Other then that.. Great game Willy.
Posted by danjo 7th September, 2005

hardly worth making a trailer, when the trailer is bigger than the game O_o
Posted by Snakesoft 8th September, 2005

@Willy Wanker: it was in the level you arrive after press the spacebar, but also the presentation was running slow anyway.. it always become indecently slow when appears that big semitrasparencies all over the whole screen.. I think you should at least put a "detail level" option for disable them..
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 8th September, 2005

hey, wasn't this supposed to be open source? I thought you said it was...
Posted by Assault Andy 8th September, 2005

Paul N Jeffries - The only reason I reffered to Resident evil as a 'Movie series' is to make sure he knew I was talking about the MOVIES not the resident evil games. I don't really understand how that is an insult.
Posted by axel 8th September, 2005

"I didnt start working on this before the date no, I canceled my current project when I saw the compo, then it took me a month before I decided to enter the compo, when I was thinking of names to the game I just used the same name, as its a cool name" Hmmm... i remember you asking for help with it BEFORE the compo started <_< Well, maybe it's just me, but i remeber you asking for 360 shooting engines and stuff on msn long before the compo...
Posted by Radix 8th September, 2005

Hmm. That would be naughty of him.
Posted by Willy C 8th September, 2005

aggg..le you are right, I did ask for a 360 engine as I was working at top view game before the competition, then I canceled the game and started working on the compo instead - with a NEW engine because I wasnt satesfied with the current engine. If you want to discuss it any further please send me a mail at no more comments on this here. ARGHT, Its not my fault you are such a bad father and that you dont controll what your son is playing, and what do you mean by "TWO WOMEN DOING WHAT CAN ONLY BE DESCRIBED AS 'FRIGGING EACH OTHER OFF" I assure you nothing simelar is in my game, was this a serious review? if no, please some admin remove it now.
Posted by Willy C 8th September, 2005

The heart level bug should now be fixed
Posted by Erik 8th September, 2005

ARGHT!!! This site lets people make games about what ever they want. It is what is called creative freedom and freedom of expression. And the part with the women is just absurd because i can even wouch for "Willy" that this game does not contain anything like that. And if you feel that this is to violent for your kids then maby you should disconnect them from the internet for good. Because this is mild compared to the rest of the net.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 8th September, 2005

wasn't this supposed to be open source?
Posted by Willy C 8th September, 2005

it is. head over to if you wait a little longer you'll get a small update to it in winzip format. also, Ive done another update, Ive added a crap mode, for the less advanced computers.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 8th September, 2005

Great game! Very enjoyable, a tad buggy and the coding is a little sloppy, but a great game all the same! Thumbs up! BTW, not sure if you fixed this but sometimes when i pick up weapons, the weapon doesn't get 'destroyed' so i end up with like 200 assault rifle rounds after picking up one weapon.....
Posted by mikebt 8th September, 2005

The metal pipe suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks
Posted by Willy C 9th September, 2005

Jerry, The weapons you pick up does get destroyed, but for every weapon you can pick up you take the bullets out of it that you are able to carry, if you cant carry anymore bullets some bullets will remain.
Posted by Radix 9th September, 2005

Yeah, I noticed that. Very nice feature.
Posted by JUSTIN3000 9th September, 2005

Are you supposed to be able to break the boxes from a distance with the lead pipe? Anyway, awesome game. I kept wasting my ammo and had to beat the bastards.
Posted by Jack 11th September, 2005

Good stuff.
Posted by Tomssuli 12th September, 2005

Looks cruel... gotta try :P
Posted by Joshtek 13th September, 2005

Nice work. Fun game.
Posted by Tomssuli 17th September, 2005

Great game! you could come with a sequel ;) Thumbs up!
Posted by Tomssuli 17th September, 2005

Hey, could you tell how did you make the changes in the background stay? (bodies, blood etc) Usually they disappear when they get out of the view :S
Posted by Willy C 17th September, 2005

Its added to the backrop as no effect on collision I think. And yes, there is a prequel coming up as Im writing some story to now.
Posted by The Chris Street 17th September, 2005

Yup, the "Add To Backdrop" feature is only available in MMF 1.5. I downloaded this and didn't really expect much. How wrong I was. This game is a very worthy contender for "Klik Game Of The Year" Very good stuff :)
Posted by Aptennap 17th September, 2005

This game is awesome!! i'm really waiting for the prequel
Posted by Tauman 17th September, 2005

Yaar, found a rather large-ish bug: If you have on Direct X and VRAM aaaand yer compy is goin' all slow wif the blinkyblinky heart thingy when zombies pop out THEN Zombies come out of the ground at normal speed rate...but because of the slowness of compy the zombie pop-outage lasts a lot LONGER, thereby filling the screen with a plethora of zombies T_T I kept running out of ALL ammo 2 zombierounds afore winnage...Although it does make for lots more fun with the 'nades.
Posted by Willy C 17th September, 2005

"Klik Game Of The Year" ? a worthy condender!? :) wee!
Posted by Zethell 18th September, 2005

Dont you mean Of the week?
Posted by The Chris Street 18th September, 2005

Um no, I mean "Year". Along with Bernard and Hank, Crystal Towers, A Game With A Kitty, Hypercube and Wandering Fighter Its already WON Gotw XD
Posted by Deophron 19th September, 2005

Really nice game. The lighning effect was only thing which slowed my computer. And the giant penis scaret me out of my skin. Anyway, I can't make the machine stop in the heart room, how may I stop it?
Posted by Willy C 19th September, 2005

keep shooting at the heart with the enrgygun. remember to charge it fully till the screen starts shaking.
Posted by Zethell 19th September, 2005

umm.. nevermind -_-; you got me confussed as hell already ..
Posted by Liquixcat 19th September, 2005

I finally got around to downloading this, this might be the best klik game I've ever played, I actually WANT to play it! NICE!
Posted by Willy C 20th September, 2005

thanks mate, glad to hear. The server is down atm, I will reupload it to another server soon.
Posted by Simon Colmer 26th September, 2005

If you like this game, you should download the cheat patch! find it here:
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 7th May, 2007

That game was great, but what was the eighth weapon? Didn't it say in the game that you could hit "1-8"? And also, perhaps you could do 8 direction character sprites. But great job.
Posted by Willy C 29th May, 2007

You don't start off with all the weapons, you've gotta find them first. 4 directional characters was used to save time, the game was in a competition and it had a deadline. But the upcoming sub-zero Conditions 2 has 8 directional characters.






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