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Review: Duel Toys Final Version
Author: Rik N
Added: 03/01/2006

True it may not be to everyone's tastes, but I've got to say this is a wonderful game. SNK's Neo Geo Pocket efforts were never quite this good. It's basically your standard SNK / CAPCOM style fighter, but with a twist. Your 'characters' are Duel Toys which you can collect. The really obvious and lame comparison is Pokémon. Now the only thing I didn't like about Pokémon was the "battles". But here the battles are proper (albeit somewhat simplified) StreetFighter style brawls.

Although the RPG and Fighting elements are somewhat watered down forms of the usual - they work together really really well and the game has obviously been planned meticulously. I wish I had this on a handheld platform.

Presentation is top. The menu's easy to navigate and everything looks consistently polished.

Gameplay is great. The fighting engine is pretty much inline with the CAPCOM/SNK classics. There are bugs occasionally, but for such a complex fighting engine it is almost flawless.

Graphics are not going to blow anybody away technically, but they are nicely stylised, original and consistent. And there's an awful lot to see.

Sound is pretty basic, and music is some well chosen .mids. Nothing really exciting, but more than adequate.

Lastability is very high thanks to the unique story mode, and method of unlocking characters. Not to mention the minigames!

Overall I really struggle not to award 10/10. I've put 9 as some parts could be elaborated upon, but I'd really call it at least 9.5

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