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Duel Toys Final Version
Author: Diefox Submitted: 28th December, 2005 Favourites:2
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 1081
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Edited By Diefox on 07/01/2006

well, here it is, Duel Toys final/beta version. as a matter of fact it still has some bugs but the game is complete.

The game, basically is a fighting game but there a RPG mode where you fight your friends to gain points to buy new characters and unlock new modes.

there's around 50 characters, 23 of them are playable the others can be used as helpers.

and most importantly, Duel Toys gather characters from great fighting games and even some original ones, made by me.

before asking any questions... READ THE MANUAL that comes with the zip file and if you find any bug, post it here please!!!

have a nice day.

the link should take you to another page, there, you can download the game, if it's offline try going to

UPDATE version 1.3 07/01/2006
Fixed all bugs regarding DT plaza, fixed some blocking issues as well as some gameplay issues too, adjusted the AI a little bit and added alittle surprise to be unlocked after defeating Carrie in Duel Mode.

Thanks for the bug report guys, with a bugless game, ill make DT2 to be way more fun than DT1.

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Posted by Noyb 29th December, 2005

You need to quickly input those directions and then either punch or kick. For example, Scout's projectile attack would consist of quickly, smoothly sweeping the arrow keys from down to towards your enemy (i.e. down, down-right, right if your opponent is to your right), then pressing punch. Super moves consist of sweeping that quarter-circle quickly twice before pressing punch or kick depending on the character. Practice it.
Posted by Roman-the-evil 29th December, 2005

so it's like I hold down, press right, release down, punch?
I can't really practice it, cause I don't usually reach special max.
I need to understand first.
Posted by RapidFlash 29th December, 2005

Press down, then quickly press right, then quickly press punch.
Posted by Diefox 29th December, 2005

down, then right then punch
Posted by Noyb 29th December, 2005

I downloaded the supposedly updated file, but it still has the arcade glitches (no point transfer, skips to credits on multiple playthroughs). In the zip file, the actual exe is dated December 26. I can buy some individuels at the store, but are they supposed to be free?
Posted by Diefox 29th December, 2005

this fle is updated, the bugs you said are the ones i saw today, and will be fixed in tomorrow version, and abaout the date, my pc has a battery problem or somethings and it keeps resetting date and i turn it off....
the individuels at the store.... are not supposed to be free... ill fiz that too
Posted by devid kesinovic 30th December, 2005

when i win the championship the game has a very annoying bug: i get endless points insted of just 5000 and then hte game gets stuck when there is the text : "meanwhile at the dfx (or so)"! because of this i can't go on with playing the game!
Posted by Noyb 31st December, 2005

I beat the championship with the newest file, but it didn't give me the 5000 points. Sooo close to perfection.
Posted by RapidFlash 31st December, 2005

If you hit someone with Scorpion's spear while they're jumping, that person flies off the screen and never comes back.
Posted by Diefox 31st December, 2005

... nobodys downloading....
Posted by thewreck 31st December, 2005

really nice game, its got that polished feeling that makes it feel like 'something', tangible.

anyway. As most other people here it seems, i have some things to report:

Either, the AI does not know how to handle it, or its just too good, but so far, ive beaten every single enemy with the scouts spinning attacks. I just do those and soon enough they die. The only one i couldnt beat was the girl in the subway that had regeneration because the spin attack does too little damage per time unit.

Also, i might have missed it, but as far as i saw the only information you got about special moves is that when the bar is full you can do a special, it doesnt say anywhere what a special is. I figured it out however, (the color red in the moves list) so sure, but its not clear.

thats it for now i guess. good game.
Posted by Zapper 31st December, 2005

I remember playing the demo version of this ages ago and it was a beauty! Downloading...
Posted by RapidFlash 31st December, 2005

This is really just a minor detail, but Ken's super in this game is the Shinryuken, not the Shoryureppa.
Also, blocking sometimes doesn't work (you keep holding back but the AI keeps hitting you with combos several times).
Posted by Diefox 31st December, 2005

yeah, ill have to fix those blocking problems.
whats the difference from shinryuken to shoryureppa?
Posted by Antonio Barra 1st January, 2006

The shoryureppa is basically a triple shoryuken and the shinryuken is the fiery vertical shoryuken (the super your Ken has).
Posted by Stixdude 1st January, 2006

This game rocks.

We need more fighting games like this.
Posted by Diefox 2nd January, 2006

NO!!! i cant believe the first version of Duel Toys is in better position than this final version.... I know it has bugs, but im fixing them.... vote for me pleeeaasseee, i spent so much time on this game....
Posted by Peblo 2nd January, 2006

February already?
Posted by 1 2nd January, 2006

Godly game
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 2nd January, 2006

February. Hehe
Posted by Dean Potts 2nd January, 2006

good little game although my dumb computer turns something else on when you press shift 5 times in a row ... good game
Posted by -Vinny- 3rd January, 2006

just turn sticky keys off then
Posted by Daymian T 3rd January, 2006

WOW! Great work! Coolest click game I've played in a while. Awesome!
Posted by Leonardo Kendy 3rd January, 2006

Wicked! 'Twas the best fangame I've ever played! You gotta put some anime/movie characters too!
Posted by Davide Mascolo 6th January, 2006

Well, even the simplest special moves are difficult to perform. Maybe the reason is that the time allowed between each key press is too short. If you made it a little longer, controls would become a lot better. As they are now, I must resort to just punches and kicks out of desperation because of the tenth time I couldn't shoot a fireball.
There also some notable bugs; for example, when I was battling the boy at the Shop, his Milia jumped off the screen and never returned, and I won just because time run out.

I hope these problems will be fixed soon, because they hamper the fun of the game and make a partial waste of the considerable effort spent on it: dozens of characters, great anime-style graphics, a solid engine, and many touches of class - I was amazed to see that at the Arcade you can find subgames, a great diversion from the usual battles which is *also* useful to get Arcade Points. And what about an Arcade Mode that is not a mere unlockable extra, but is useful to get more DP and AP?

A great work, but right now it lacks just some polish to make it really excellent!
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 7th January, 2006

This game is the abosulte awesomness.
BRILLIANT work diefox, this game is very very proffessional and polished i love it.
I've played it for atleast 5 hours all up now, very addictive great game
Posted by Diefox 7th January, 2006

Davide, Arcade mode IS for getting AP and DP
Posted by Davide Mascolo 7th January, 2006

Ah! ^^

Downloading the new version immediately... Is it possible to load my game in progress with it, or I'll have to restart?
Posted by Diefox 7th January, 2006

i recommend you to restart, but you can continue using the same save file.
if ypu restart you´ll be able to get the special feature after defeating CArrie in Tres Belle
Posted by Reno 7th January, 2006

Might I say that this game is spectacular. Great job diefox. From animation to gameplay to coding, great stuff.

Posted by thewreck 8th January, 2006

dont know if anyone else commented on this... but versus didnt really work for me.

1. i checked options and changed controls for player 1 (btw, how do you change controls for the second player? doesnt seem to work)
2. i choose versus, but when i change character i change for both player
3. when i start, the player 1 controls controls both characters...buhu.. =(
Posted by Davide Mascolo 8th January, 2006

Luckily, I haven't beat Carrie yet ^^

Very good, I still have some problems but now I can pull out special moves more easily.

Would it be possibile to make the opponent lose a very little bit of energy if hit by a special move while blocking, like it happens in many fighting games? I noticed that in Duel Toys, blocking makes the fighter completely invulnerable, unless you use a grab on him - and the opponents with Regeneration make a very cheap use of blocking.
Posted by Diefox 8th January, 2006

well, nothing in DuelToys will be changed anymore, all those ideias are going to be in DT2, there, ill put all you want and the RPG mode will be WAY more elaborated (i think i said that already)

just one question.... would it be possible for this game to draw Capcom's attention?
Posted by Davide Mascolo 8th January, 2006

Well, not only Capcom... Are you afraid that some corporation could sue you for using their copyrighted characters?
Posted by alastair john jack 8th January, 2006
Rated :

I love the game, fantastic work.
I liked it how at one stage all the characters were free for a while, that was good.. I got to buy all of them.
Posted by Diefox 8th January, 2006

yes Davide
Posted by Diefox 8th January, 2006

i thunk ill post this game on Capcom BBS....
Posted by Del Duio 12th January, 2006

Very cool game, I just played it last night. Although I'd say if you just had the fights in it without the isometric part (not that it's bad, mind you!) it'd be a bit better. You could just pop it in and have a go at it whenever with the different fighters.

I'm very impressed at the different moves- Chun Li's upside down spin attack was the reason alone this gets a thumbs up, that was my favorite move from the arcades ha!
Posted by ruffles 12th January, 2006

yay of course you were going to win =D (rhenk here )

ps: December 1 2006 eh
Posted by Diefox 12th January, 2006

yey!!! 81st place! finnaly beat the older version of Duel Toys!
and im thinking of too many thinks too put on DT2... im going crazy....
Posted by Joshtek 12th January, 2006

Love the game, although I did once manage to get my opponent (Ryu) off the right side of the screen (had to wait for time to run out).
Posted by chrilley 15th January, 2006

It's damn nice. For DT3 (if it'll ever be done) will there be Tekken characters like Hwoarang or Jin?
Posted by steve 24th January, 2006

Posted by Mike Haggar 23rd February, 2006

This probably doesn't help as there are endless things you could include in DT2 but MAKE A TEAM BATTLE OR TAG TEAM OPTION YEEEAAHHH!
Posted by Sabin1981 15th February, 2007

DieFox, I say this from the bottom of my heart. You, sir, are an indie GOD. Simple as that =

I love this game as much as I love my PC, which trust me - is waaaaay more than you'd imagine! I grabbed it a couple of days ago and now I simply can't stop playing, it's sheer genius and should be... nay, DESERVES to be, on the shelves as a commercial product.

The animations are superb, the attention to detail is just nothing short of breathtaking (Felicia's stage springs to mind, just wow) and the fact that STILL makes my head spin - is just how in the hell you managed to incorporate all the characters, all the special moves, all the super moves, all the music, all the animation -- everything, into a 4.2MB bundle of gaming joy.
The game is spectacular and it's secured a place in my heart for evermore.

A couple of niggly bugs, but they're nothing when compared to the overall product. For completeness sake, here's what I've noticed;

* The controls CAN be (not always, just have the propensity to be) a tad unresponsive. Special moves can sometimes be a bit awkward to execute. Perhaps making the command time a bit longer in DT2?

* After purchasing a new DT or an Individuel - they don't always appear on your computer at home. Sometimes even the ones I've already purchased have vanished, leaving just the 3 original characters. This can usually be cleared up by Saving/Quitting/Reloading - or travelling by bus to another area and back again.

* There's no music on the Killer Instinct stage. Shame really as there's loads of tracks in KI that would be great in this = If I recall correctly, that stage in KI on the arcade/snes had the track called "Killer Feeling"

* There's not enough characters!!! *teehee* Just kidding, I'd love more, but the amount you've already got is supreme.

Overall rating? 9.9/10 - I'm serious, those ultimately tiny bugs just serve to give the game character and to show that you're human, not some faceless conglomerate doing this for solely for cash. Please Please Please Please keep us updated on DT2, and if you ever need donations, you've got one here, that's for sure!
Posted by 22nd February, 2007

i think its over rated!
Posted by Sabin1981 25th February, 2007

Jealousy will get you nowhere
Posted by alastair john jack 6th March, 2009
Rated :

Incredible game.
Posted by UrbanMonk 9th April, 2009
Rated :

Nvr beat it but played it a lot when it first went up!
Posted by Fish20 5th September, 2009

the link is down







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