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Review: Pig Pong
Author: Zap{Zapdude Productions}
Added: 04/01/2006

After seeing his grinning face in his avatar I thought does he really have a lot to smile about?
Another review by Dr.Sardonic

Pig $*** By Dr. Sardonic [OBE]

This game is exactly what is says on the tin "pong in a pig's mouth". Only this is the year 2006, and no amount of re-invention can ever seduce us back to the dark ages of pong, especially one in which your a pigs tooth competing against a tongue for an apple. The whole idea is just absurd and quite frankly rubbish. Even if you did somehow smash the industructible apple down the pigs throat would it be enough to feed him? The apple is so small compared to the pig that i believe it just wont. The proportions are all wrong, the graphics are all wrong and it it was wrong of me to waste my time downloading it. The only entertainment present was watching the bizarre pig going through some sort of epileptic seizure as the apple shot back and forth in its mouth (look at its eyes! lol).

Gus Stevenson claims that "i love this game" in the instructions area, i dont know what planet he's from but the majority of people i know find it butt-clenchingly boring. Im assuming that Gus is in the hardware sector of the computer industry, namely supplying it. i reached this conclusion as every time i play this tediously annoying game i feel the urge to break my keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc in anger.

To conclude, Gus has made a right pig's ear of this game. Its the biggest pile of shit ive seen since a sewer main broke in my street.


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