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Review: Cave Jumper
Author: Bibin
Added: 14/03/2006

Well this game, in my opinion, certainly qualifies as a click-classic.

8/10 IT has a very nicely done title screen, complete with menus and animated BG. Some complaints though are thta the title is a little bit dim, and I'm not used to using ctrl to navigate menus. But the menus work very well, and you can save your game and load it from three slots. Very Nice.

9/10 There are many different things you can do from the start, such as throw axes, set dynamite, and jump. But there are also many items, collectibles, and hidden areas. Along with those, there are many small but important features, like the headlamp; you can turn it on and off, and you have limited batteries for it. Very creative. The engine is very solid, too, even though the camera makes me a wee bit woozy.

Nice, SNES-GENESIS style old-school graphics. Very well done, along with animated BGs and paralax Backgrounds. The light effects were also very cool.

.:Sound and Music:.
The music was very cool, but it was obvously midi exported to mp3, which made for some huge filesizes.

Sadly, for such a good game, I didn't feel like sitting down and playing it for a good long time. IT doesn't have that "one more go" feeling , in which you end up playing it like 2757 times.

A very nice and detailed game, with many features.
THis is definetly GOTW quality, as shown in this weeks GOTW. This game definetly could become this year's GOTY.

Sound and Music:

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